How to Disable Reddit Notifications on an iPhone 7

Once you have been using Reddit for a while you will inevitably make changes to the way that you interact with the service. This can involve subscribing to new subreddits that match your interests, or unsubscribing from default subs that you don’t want to see.

If you have installed the Reddit app on your iPhone 7, then you might currently be receiving assorted notifications from the app. If you would prefer not to receive these notifications for any reason, then you can follow the steps below to see how you can disable them entirely.


How to Turn Off Notifications from the Reddit App on Your iPhone

The steps in this guide were written using an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.3.1. The steps will be the same for other iPhone models using the same version of the operating system. Note that this is only going to disable the notifications from the Reddit app. If you have other Reddit apps installed on your iPhone, such as Alien Blue, this is not going to change the notifications for that app as well. You will also need to complete these steps for those apps.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the iphone settings app



Step 2: Select the Notifications option.

open the notifications menu



Step 3: Scroll down and choose the Reddit option.

open the reddit app



Step 4: Tap the button to the right of Allow Notifications to turn it off. The rest of the options on this screen will disappear, and there won’t be any green shading around the button.

how to disable reddit app notifications on iphone 7



As mentioned earlier, this does not affect any notifications other than the ones that come through the app on your iPhone. You will still get notifications from other third-party Reddit apps, and any Reddit-specific notifications that are associated with your Reddit account.


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