how to duplicate a slide in google slides

How to Duplicate a Slide on Google Slides

Google Slides offers a number of helpful tools that can help to expedite your slideshow creating process. Many of these tools will allow you to format and customize your presentation, while others can increase your efficiency. If you are trying to save some time, then you may be wondering how to copy a Google slide … Read more

how to add slide numbers in google slides

How to Number Slides in Google Slides

When you are working on a presentation in an application like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, ensuring that your on-slide content is accurate and looks good is likely the top priority. But once the slides themselves are ready to show, you often need to make some formatting changes to the presentation so that it is … Read more

How to Rotate an Image in Google Slides

Have you ever added a picture to your slideshow, only to discover that it’s upside down or sideways? This is fairly common and, luckily, it’s something that you can fix in Google Slides without needing to use another application. Since images are such an important element of slideshows or presentations that you create in applications … Read more

how to use center vertical alignment in Google Sheets

How to Center on Page in Google Sheets

When you are learning how to use Google Sheets, you might find yourself focusing on things like formulas and sorting which affect the content that you put into your cells. But once you have finalized the data in a spreadsheet it’s likely that you will need to format the data as well. Whether you are … Read more

How to Put Pictures on Google Slides

Visual documents like the presentations that you create in Google Slides, are often improved when you add different types of media. Therefore it’s useful for you to know how to work with images on your slides. You can put a picture in Google Slides by clicking the Insert image button in the toolbar, selecting the … Read more

how to make a copy of a picture in google slides

How to Copy Image from Google Slides

While you can add images to a slide in Google Slides with just a few steps, that process can be a little tedious if you need to do it a lot. It’s especially frustrating when you keep inserting the same image over and over. Luckily you can copy an image in Google Slides by selecting … Read more