how to change a text box font in google slides

How to Change Font on Google Slides Text Box

The Google Slides application that is part of Google Drive is a robust tool for creating slideshows and presentations that you can show to others. It offers many of the same tools, features, and options that you will find in Microsoft Powerpoint, allowing you to create fun and eye-catching designs. Do you have text in … Read more

How to Delete Multiple Slides in Google Slides

Presentations that you create for school or work can undergo a significant amount of changes and editing. This is usually multiplied when you are working with a group. So it’s entirely possible that you might need to change slides that you have already created, and it’s also possible that you might even need to delete … Read more

how to skip a slide in google slides

How to Hide a Slide in Google Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint was the standard when it came to creating presentations for a long time, and includes a number of features that many people have come to rely upon. Now that Google Slides is increasing in popularity, many Powerpoint users are trying it out, but wondering where some of their more commonly-used tools and options … Read more

first option for how to delete a slide in google slides

How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

Formatting a presentation in Google Slides can often require you to add a text box or insert an image, but it can also require you to organize the layout of the slides within the presentation. This could require you to add a new slide, but you may be wondering how to delete a slide on … Read more

How to Print Two Slides Per Page in Google Slides

The Google Slides interface is fairly intuitive and many users are able to locate the options that they need to format their slides and add multimedia objects to their presentation. But if you need to print multiple slides on one page in Google Slides, then you may be struggling to find the location of that … Read more