How to Show the Menu Bar in Firefox

There have been a handful or popular ways to navigate in the programs and applications on your computer, one of which involved a series of links at the top of the window. You could click one of those links, which would expand a number of different options that could be useful in that program.

Many applications have moved away from this style of navigation, but it was very popular, so occasionally it is still accessible, though the means of doing so might not be obvious. Firefox still has such a menu, which they call the “Menu Bar.” Our tutorial below will show you how to quickly enable this menu bar so that it displays at the top of the window.


How to Display a Menu Bar at the Top of the Window in Firefox

The steps in this guide will show you how to display a menu bar at the top of the window in the Firefox browser. This is the navigation bar that includes tabs like File, Edit, View, History and a couple of others, which you can use to perform certain actions in Firefox. You can choose to hide this menu in the future by following these same steps.

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser.


Step 2: Locate the empty space at the top of the Firefox window, next to the tab that is currently open.

find the empty space at the top of the firefox window



Step 3: Right-click in that empty space, then select the Menu Bar option.

how to display the firefox menu bar



You should now see the menu bar at the top-left of the window, as in the picture below.

how to show the menu bar in firefox



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