How to Make a Link on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making a link on your iPhone is a handy way to save or share webpages, documents, or other online content. Whether you’re texting a friend, drafting an email, or bookmarking a website, creating a link allows for quick access to the information with just a tap. After you make a link on your iPhone, you can easily share it with others, or save it for future reference.

After completing the action of making a link, you’ll have a clickable hyperlink that directs you or others to a specific webpage or document. This link can be used in various applications on your iPhone like Messages, Mail, or Notes.

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In this digital age, the ability to quickly and efficiently share information is crucial. One of the simplest yet most powerful tools at our disposal is the hyperlink, or as we more commonly call it, a link. A link is a reference to data that readers can follow by clicking or tapping. On your iPhone, creating a link can facilitate sharing content from the web, streamlining communication, and organizing information.

Imagine you come across an article that you find fascinating and want to share it with your friend. Instead of explaining to them how to navigate to the website, you can simply send them a link. Or perhaps you’re compiling resources for a work project, and you need to keep track of various websites – making links and storing them in a document can save you heaps of time. This guide will focus on how iPhone users can create these links efficiently. We’ll cover the steps involved, the benefits, the potential drawbacks, and additional tips that can enhance your overall experience. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who enjoys browsing the internet, this guide is relevant to you.

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Step by Step Tutorial on Making a Link on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming to accomplish. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a hyperlink on your iPhone that can be used in various applications, making sharing and saving information a breeze.

Step 1

Open the webpage or document you wish to link.

This step is straightforward – navigate to the content you want to create a link for, using your preferred browser or app.

Step 2

Tap the share icon, which typically looks like a box with an upward arrow.

In most apps, the share icon is located at the bottom of the screen or in the app’s menu. Tapping this icon will open a range of sharing options.

Step 3

Select the “Copy Link” option from the share menu.

By choosing “Copy Link,” the URL of the webpage or document is saved to your iPhone’s clipboard, allowing you to paste it anywhere you wish.

Step 4

Paste the link into your desired app, such as Messages, Notes, or Mail.

To paste, tap and hold the location where you want the link to appear, then select “Paste” from the pop-up menu.


ConvenienceCreating links on your iPhone allows for easy sharing and saving of information.
EfficiencyLinks simplify the process of accessing specific content, reducing the need to navigate through websites or documents.
OrganizationLinks can help keep track of important or frequently visited websites, aiding in organization.


Link ExpiryLinks can expire or become broken, leading to inaccessible content.
MisuseLinks can be used maliciously to direct users to harmful content.
OverrelianceOveruse of links can lead to disorganization and information overload.

Video About Making a Link

Additional Information

Creating links on your iPhone can be extended beyond basic sharing. For example, you can use links to create a reading list in Safari, bookmark pages for later, or even add links to calendar events for easy access to event-related content. In addition, if you’re someone who works with social media, creating links on your iPhone can streamline the process of posting content across different platforms.

Another tip is to use link shortening services if you find the URL too long or cumbersome to share. Services like Bitly or TinyURL can help with this. Remember also to check the validity of a link before sharing it with others to avoid the frustration of sending a broken link. Lastly, always be cautious about the links you click on, especially if they’re from an unknown source, to protect yourself from potential cybersecurity threats.


  1. Open the content you want to link.
  2. Tap the share icon.
  3. Select “Copy Link.”
  4. Paste the link into your desired app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a link to a specific part of a document or webpage?

Yes, some websites and apps allow you to create links that direct to a specific section or point in a document or webpage.

What do I do if a link I created is not working?

First, check if the URL is correct and the content still exists. If the link is broken, you may need to create a new one.

Can I track how many times my link is clicked?

Using link shortening services like Bitly can provide you with analytics on your link’s performance, including click counts.

Is it possible to create a link to an email address on iPhone?

Yes, you can create a ‘mailto:’ link which, when clicked, will open the Mail app and start composing an email to the specified address.

How can I share a link I created on my iPhone with my computer?

You can email the link to yourself, use AirDrop if you have a Mac, or use cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox to sync the link across devices.


Creating links on your iPhone is more than just a technological convenience; it’s a skill that can enhance your digital literacy and communication in this interconnected world. Whether you’re sharing a funny video with a friend or sending a critical document to a colleague, knowing how to make a link on your iPhone is a small action with big implications. It streamlines sharing, organizes information, and ultimately, saves one of our most precious resources – time. So go ahead, tap into the power of the link, and make your digital life a little bit easier.