How to Send a Link on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sharing a link on an iPhone is as simple as copying and pasting. You find the link you want to share, copy it, choose where you want to send it, paste it into the message, and hit send. Once sent, the recipient can click on the link to be taken directly to the webpage you shared.

After completing the action of sending a link, the recipient will receive a notification, depending on their settings, and will be able to view and access the link you’ve shared. They can then tap on the link to open it in their web browser.

You can also watch this video about how to send a link on an iPhone for additional information.


In today’s hyper-connected world, sharing information quickly and efficiently is crucial. Whether it’s a funny cat video, a must-read article, or a life-changing product, we often find ourselves wanting to spread the word with friends and family. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re in luck because sending a link is a breeze! This article is tailored to help you master the art of sharing links using your iPhone in no time.

Knowing how to send a link on your iPhone is essential for staying in touch and sharing content with others. It’s a skill that’s relevant to pretty much everyone – from teenagers wanting to share memes with friends, to professionals sending important articles to colleagues. With most of our communication happening through our smartphones, becoming proficient at this simple yet vital task not only saves time but also enhances our daily interactions. Let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial on how to send a link on iPhone, shall we?

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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Send a Link on iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the process of sending a link from your iPhone to someone else.

Step 1: Find the link you want to share

Locate and select the link you wish to send.

Finding the link might involve navigating to a webpage or looking through your bookmarks. Once you’ve found the link, press and hold it until a menu pops up.

Step 2: Copy the link

Tap the ‘Copy’ option from the menu to copy the link to your clipboard.

This action will store the link temporarily, allowing you to paste it anywhere. Ensure you tap ‘Copy’ and not ‘Copy Link Text’ as this would only copy the text, not the link itself.

Step 3: Choose where to send the link

Open the app where you want to send the link, such as Messages, Mail, or WhatsApp.

You may want to send the link in a text message, an email, or through a social media or messaging app. Navigate to the appropriate app and the specific conversation where you’d like to share the link.

Step 4: Paste the link into a message

Tap and hold the text field until the ‘Paste’ option appears, then tap ‘Paste’ to insert the link.

The link will appear in the text field. If you’re sending it in a message, you can add additional text or comments before sending.

Step 5: Send the link

Press the ‘Send’ button to share the link with the recipient.

Once you’ve hit send, your job is done! The recipient will now have the link and can view it at their leisure.


SpeedSharing a link on an iPhone is quick and straightforward.
ConvenienceWith just a few taps, you can share information without having to recite or write down long URLs.
AccessibilityLinks can be sent through various apps, making it accessible to any recipient, no matter their preferred communication method.


Dependence on InternetSending a link requires an active internet connection, which might not always be available.
Potential for MiscommunicationLinks can be misunderstood if sent without context or explanation.
Privacy ConcernsSharing links can sometimes unwittingly expose personal information or browsing habits.

Video About Sending Links

Additional Information

Sending a link on your iPhone is a skill that becomes second nature with a little practice. However, there are a few extra tidbits that can make this process even smoother. For instance, if you’re sharing a link from a specific app like Safari or Chrome, you can often use the app’s built-in share feature.

This can sometimes be quicker than copying and pasting. Furthermore, if you’re sharing with someone nearby, consider using AirDrop for an even faster experience. Remember, the goal is to send the link efficiently, so finding the method that works best for you is key.


  1. Find the link you want to share.
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Choose where to send the link.
  4. Paste the link into a message.
  5. Send the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a link with multiple people at once?

Yes, you can either add multiple recipients in the ‘To’ field of your message or email, or create a group chat in your preferred messaging app.

What if the link is too long?

Most messaging and email apps will handle long links without issue. If necessary, you can use a URL shortening service to make the link more manageable.

Can I send a link from any app?

Most apps will allow you to copy a link, but some may have restrictions. Check the app’s sharing options for specifics.

Is it safe to send links over messages?

Generally, yes. However, be cautious of sending links that may contain sensitive information, and ensure you trust the recipient.

What if the recipient can’t open the link?

If the recipient has trouble opening the link, it could be due to their internet connection, device compatibility, or the link itself may be broken.


Mastering how to send a link on an iPhone is a small but powerful way to streamline your digital communication. With the steps and tips provided, you’ll be able to share content with ease, enhancing both your personal and professional interactions. Remember to always consider the content of the links and the privacy of the information you’re sharing. Happy linking!