iOS 17: How to Make Font Bigger on Your iPhone for Better Readability

Making the font bigger on your iPhone is simple. Head to Settings, tap Display & Brightness, and then Text Size to adjust the font size. For even larger text, access Accessibility and select Display & Text Size where you’ll find the Larger Text option. Enable Larger Accessibility Sizes for a wider range of sizes.

After completing these steps, the text displayed on your iPhone will be larger, making it easier to read text messages, emails, website content, and more.

You can also check out this video about how to make font bigger on your iPhone for more on this topic.


Have you ever found yourself squinting at your iPhone screen, trying to decipher tiny text that just seems to get smaller every year? If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with reading the default text size, especially as our eyes age or if we have visual impairments. Thankfully, iOS 17 has a solution. Making the font bigger on an iPhone is a game-changer for readability and overall user experience, ensuring that everyone can use their device comfortably without reaching for their glasses every time they get a notification.

This topic is crucial because it touches on accessibility, which is a fundamental aspect of technology that often gets overlooked. Making digital content accessible to all, including those with visual impairments, is a step towards inclusivity. If you’ve ever felt the font on your iPhone is too small for comfort, this guide is for you. Whether you’re a senior citizen who just wants to text their grandkids without straining their eyes, or a young person with a visual impairment, learning how to adjust your iPhone’s font size can significantly enhance how you interact with your device.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Making Font Bigger on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that increasing the font size on your iPhone will affect most apps that support Dynamic Type, which includes most of Apple’s native apps and a variety of third-party apps.

Step 1: Access Settings

From your iPhone’s home screen, tap on the Settings app to open it.

This is where all your device’s configurable options reside. Think of it as the control center for your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Display & Brightness

Scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness.

This section controls how content is displayed on your screen, including brightness, text size, and boldness.

Step 3: Tap on Text Size

In the Display & Brightness menu, tap on Text Size.

You’ll see a slider that you can drag to adjust the text size to your preference.

Step 4: Adjust Text Size

Drag the slider to adjust the font size. You’ll see a preview above the slider that shows how text will look at the selected size.

Keep in mind that not all apps will respond to this change immediately. Some might require a restart.

Step 5: For Larger Text Sizes, Tap Accessibility

If you need the text to be larger than what’s available in the Text Size settings, go back to the main Settings menu and tap Accessibility.

Accessibility features are designed to make your iPhone more user-friendly if you have certain physical or cognitive challenges.

Step 6: Select Display & Text Size

Within Accessibility, you’ll find Display & Text Size. Tap on it to access more options.

This menu offers more intense adjustments for visibility, including the option for larger text sizes.

Step 7: Tap on Larger Text

This option will allow you to enable larger accessibility sizes.

You’ll find another slider here, similar to the one in Text Size, but with a larger range.

Step 8: Enable Larger Accessibility Sizes

Toggle on Larger Accessibility Sizes to access the full range of text sizes.

Now, you can adjust the slider here to find the perfect text size for your needs.


Improved ReadabilityLarger font sizes make text easier to read, which is particularly beneficial for those with visual impairments or those who simply prefer bigger text.
Increased AccessibilityBy providing the ability to change font sizes, iPhones become more accessible to a wider range of users, promoting inclusivity.
Personalized User ExperienceUsers can tailor their device to their personal comfort, making their iPhone more enjoyable to use.


Limited App SupportNot all apps support Dynamic Type, so some third-party apps may not respond to these changes, leading to an inconsistent experience.
Screen SpaceLarger text takes up more space on the screen, which means less content will be visible at once, requiring more scrolling.
Interface DisruptionSome apps and interfaces may not handle larger text well, leading to awkward or cut-off visuals.

Video About Bigger Fonts

Additional Information

When we’re talking about making the font bigger on an iPhone, it’s not just about readability. It’s also about comfort and personal preference. Some people might find that a slightly larger font reduces eye strain during long periods of use. Others might be using their iPhone for presentations and need the text to be visible from a distance. It’s all about customization and making sure your iPhone works for you, not the other way around.

Another tip is to pair larger text with the Bold Text feature, also found in the Display & Brightness settings. This makes the text heavier and even easier to read. Also, keep in mind that if you’re using your iPhone in landscape mode, the increased font size might not play as nicely with the horizontal layout. You might need to experiment with different sizes to find the perfect balance.

Don’t forget about other accessibility features that can complement the larger text, like VoiceOver, which reads out loud the text on your screen, or Zoom, which magnifies the entire screen or just parts of it. These features can collectively create an iPhone experience that is tailored to your senses and needs.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Display & Brightness
  3. Select Text Size
  4. Adjust Text Size Slider
  5. For bigger sizes, go back and choose Accessibility
  6. Select Display & Text Size
  7. Tap Larger Text
  8. Enable Larger Accessibility Sizes and adjust the slider

Frequently Asked Questions

Will changing the font size affect all apps?

Most native apps and many third-party apps support Dynamic Type and will respond to font size changes. However, some apps may not support this feature.

Can I make the font bold as well?

Yes, in the Display & Brightness settings, you have the option to make the font bold, which can further enhance readability.

Will increasing the font size impact battery life?

No, changing the font size has no significant impact on battery life.

Can I set different font sizes for different apps?

No, the font size settings apply universally to all apps that support Dynamic Type.

Is there a quick way to change font size without going into settings?

Yes, you can use the Control Center’s accessibility shortcuts to quickly access the Text Size adjustment.


Let’s face it, in this digital age, our eyes are glued to screens more often than not. This is why tweaking the font size on your iPhone with iOS 17 can be a total lifesaver. Whether for accessibility reasons or personal comfort, knowing how to make the fonts bigger on your iPhone is an invaluable skill that will make your digital life that much easier.

Gone are the days of squinting or reaching for reading glasses every time your phone buzzes. So, embrace the change, and don’t let the small text get you down!