How to Use Bigger Font Sizes in Photoshop CS5

Are you making a Photoshop image that has a very high resolution, and you’re finding that you just can’t make your text large enough? When you make a text layer in Photoshop, then highest visible option for the text size is 72pt. In many cases this will be more than enough, but it can become a problem when you need really big text, or if you are making a document with a very high resolution.

Fortunately, though, it’s possible to use a bigger font size than the visible options. This is accomplished by manually specifying the point size that you would like to use. Our tutorial below will show you how to enter your desired font size value so that you can use bigger font sizes in Photoshop CS5.


How to Go Bigger than 72pt for Text in Photoshop

The steps in this article are going to show you how to use bigger font sizes than the apparent 72 pt maximum that Photoshop includes in the dropdown menu.

Step 1: Open the Photoshop file containing the text layer on which you want to use a bigger font size.


Step 2: Choose the Horizontal Type Tool in the toolbox at the left of the window.

click the horizontal type tool



Step 3: Use your mouse to select all of the text in the layer. Alternatively you can click inside the text, then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all of it.

select the entire text layer



Step 4: Click inside the Set the font size field at the top of the window.

click inside the font size field



Step 5: Delete the current number in that field, then enter a desired point size and press Enter on your keyboard.

how to use bigger font sizes in photoshop



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