how to add a font to photoshop

How to Add Font for Photoshop CS5

Finding the right font for an image or a project can make all the difference in the final version of that job. It’s something that can require a lot of trial and error, unfortunately, and it’s likely that you may not already have the right font for the job on your computer. Figuring out how … Read more

double-click the layer to rename it

How to Rename a Layer in Photoshop CS5

Being able to accurately identify your layers in Photoshop can help to alleviate a lot of aggravation in the program, especially if your files contain a lot of layers. Perhaps the most helpful way to identify a layer is to rename it. When you create a layer in Photoshop, that layer is going to have … Read more

how to duplicate a layer in photoshop

How to Duplicate a Layer in Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop includes a feature called layers that you can use to create and separate different elements of an image. If you’re trying to create an interesting effect, however, you may find that you need to make a copy of something that is already in your image, which can leave you wondering how to duplicate … Read more

How to Hide a Menu Item in Photoshop CC

As you become more and more familiar with Photoshop, you start to move through the menus very quickly. While many of the fastest combinations of activities will involve keyboard shortcuts, there may still be a lot of things that you do to your images that are more comfortable through the menus. But you might find … Read more