How to Hide a Menu Item in Photoshop CC

As you become more and more familiar with Photoshop, you start to move through the menus very quickly. While many of the fastest combinations of activities will involve keyboard shortcuts, there may still be a lot of things that you do to your images that are more comfortable through the menus. But you might find … Read more

How to Find Your System Information in Photoshop CC

Photoshop is a very useful image editing application that provides you with a lot of tools for creating and editing images. But it also needs a lot of resources to run well, and you may find yourself in a situation where you are troubleshooting a performance issue. If this is happening to you, then someone … Read more

how to check your photoshop version

What Version of Adobe Photoshop Do I Have?

Adobe Photoshop, like most other popular applications, is updated to a new version regularly. Each of these versions adds new features and fixes existing problems in an effort to provide a more enjoyable experience for people using the application. But if you are troubleshooting or following a tutorial, you may find that you are stuck … Read more

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How to Change a Canvas Size in Photoshop CS5

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How to Hide a Layer in Photoshop CS5

The ability to create multiple layers in Adobe Photoshop is something that can give you a lot of control over the individual elements of your image. By choosing to put each image element on a different layer you can choose to modify that element independently of everything else that you have put in the file. … Read more