How to Get the Ruler Back on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to get the ruler back on google docs

If you noticed your ruler has disappeared in Google Docs, getting it back is pretty straightforward. Follow a few simple steps to make it reappear. This guide will show you exactly what to do, so you can adjust your margins and tabs in no time.

Steps to Get the Ruler Back on Google Docs

To make your Google Docs look the way you want, you’ll need the ruler visible. Here’s how to get it back in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Open Google Docs

To begin, open the Google Docs document where you want the ruler to appear.

After opening your document, ensure you are logged into your Google account. If you’re not, you won’t be able to make changes to the document.

Step 2: Go to the View Menu

Once your document is open, click on the "View" menu located at the top of the screen.

The "View" menu is where you’ll find options to adjust the appearance of your document, including the ruler.

Step 3: Click on "Show Ruler"

In the "View" menu, select "Show Ruler" from the dropdown list.

Clicking on "Show Ruler" will immediately make the ruler appear at the top of your document. If it’s already checked, but you don’t see the ruler, ensure your browser window is maximized.

Step 4: Verify the Ruler is Visible

Check the top of your Google Doc to confirm that the ruler is now visible.

If the ruler is still not visible, you may need to refresh your page or try a different web browser.

Step 5: Adjust Your Document as Needed

With the ruler now visible, you can adjust margins, set tabs, and format your document as needed.

Use the ruler to make formatting adjustments that can help improve the layout and readability of your document.

After completing these steps, your ruler should be back in Google Docs, letting you easily adjust margins and tabs.

Tips for Getting the Ruler Back on Google Docs

  • Make sure you are in a document: The ruler won’t appear if you’re on the Google Docs homepage.
  • Try different browsers: Sometimes browser issues can prevent the ruler from showing.
  • Refresh the page: Simply reloading the document can resolve some visibility issues.
  • Check for updates: Ensure your browser and Google Docs are updated to the latest versions.
  • Use the help section: Google Docs has a help section that can provide additional troubleshooting steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ruler not showing in Google Docs?

The ruler might be hidden. Check the "View" menu and ensure "Show Ruler" is selected.

Can I use the ruler on mobile devices?

Currently, the ruler feature is only available on the web version of Google Docs.

How do I adjust margins using the ruler?

Click and drag the margin indicators on the ruler to adjust the margins of your document.

What if the ruler still doesn’t appear?

Try refreshing your browser or switching to a different browser. Also, make sure your browser window is not minimized.

Are there keyboard shortcuts to show the ruler?

No, there are no specific keyboard shortcuts to toggle the ruler on and off in Google Docs.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open Google Docs.
  2. Go to the View menu.
  3. Click on "Show Ruler."
  4. Verify the ruler is visible.
  5. Adjust your document as needed.


Getting the ruler back on Google Docs is a simple task, but it can make a big difference in how you format your documents. With these easy steps, you can ensure the ruler is always visible when you need it. This allows for precise control over your document’s layout, making it easier to create professional-looking documents.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or anyone who regularly uses Google Docs, knowing how to manage tools like the ruler can enhance your productivity. If you want to learn more about Google Docs features, check out the help section in Google Docs or browse online tutorials for advanced tips and tricks.

Remember, you can always revisit this guide whenever you need to get the ruler back in Google Docs. Happy document editing!