How to Export Gmail Contacts

Gmail makes it easy for you to create new contacts, either directly from the Contacts app or by adding them from an email that you receive. These contacts are saved to your Google Account, making them accessible through the Contacts app in your browser, or on your smartphone.

Occasionally you may find that you need to export your Gmail contacts if you want to be able to view and edit all of your contact information in a file, or if you want to add your contacts to another application. Our tutorial below will show you how to export contacts from Gmail so that you can perform whatever actions you need to with that information.


Summary – How to Export Gmail Contacts

  1. Go to your Google Account contacts page at
  2. Select the More option in the left column.
  3. Choose the Export option.
  4. Select the group of contacts and the export file format, then click the Export button.


How to Export Your Gmail Contacts as a CSV File

The steps in this article were performed in the desktop version of Google Chrome. These steps will also work in other desktop Web browsers, too, like Firefox and Edge. Note that exporting your contacts from your Gmail account won’t cause them to be deleted. You are simply creating a list of your contacts and their information that you can then view in a program like Excel, or even import to other programs like Outlook.

Step 1: Go to your Google contacts page at If you aren’t already signed into your Google Account then you will be prompted to do so.


Step 2: Select the More option at the left side of the window.

click the more button



Step 3: Click the Export button.

select the export option



Step 4: Select the Contacts option to export all of your contacts. Alternatively you can click the dropdown menu to the right of Contacts and select a different group of contacts if you prefer.

how to export contacts from google account



Step 5: Choose the type of file that you would like to create for the export, then click the Export button. If you are exporting your contacts so that you can import them to Outlook, choose the Outlook CSV format.

how to export gmail contacts



Step 6: Choose the location for your exported contacts file, then click the Save button. Note that your browser may just automatically download the file to the default download folder depending on your browser download settings.

exported gmail contacts file



Additional Notes

  • The exported contact file will include a column of data for each piece of information that you have saved for each contact. This file can have a very high number of columns, so you may need to scroll pretty far to the right if you are looking for specific information.
  • You can add new contacts to this file and import it back to your Google Account by using the Import option shown in Step 3 above.
  • The location of the saved export file can vary depending on your browser’s download settings.
  • This exported file is formatted properly for many third-party mail applications.
  • If you selected one of the CSV options for the exported file you can open that file in CSV-compatible applications like Excel, Notepad, and Google Sheets.


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