How to Copy and Paste on Google Docs Without Changing Format: A Guide

How to Copy and Paste on Google Docs Without Changing Format

Copying and pasting text in Google Docs without changing the format is easier than you might think. Simply use the "Paste without formatting" option. This keeps the original style intact, ensuring your document looks just the way you want it. Below, you’ll find a simple step-by-step guide to help you master this task.

How to Copy and Paste on Google Docs Without Changing Format

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to copy and paste text within Google Docs without altering its original format. By following these steps, you’ll maintain the consistency and aesthetics of your document.

Step 1: Copy the Text

Begin by selecting the text you wish to copy. Use the "Ctrl+C" (Windows) or "Cmd+C" (Mac) shortcut to copy it.

When you copy the text, it is stored in your clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever you need it. Just remember not to lose your selection!

Step 2: Go to the Destination in Google Docs

Navigate to the area in the Google Docs document where you want to paste the text.

It’s helpful to place your cursor exactly where you want the text to appear. This makes pasting more precise.

Step 3: Use the Paste Without Formatting Option

Press "Ctrl+Shift+V" (Windows) or "Cmd+Shift+V" (Mac) to paste the text.

This command ensures that the text is pasted without any formatting changes. It’s a quick way to keep everything looking consistent.

Step 4: Alternatively, Use the Edit Menu

If you prefer menus, click on "Edit" at the top of the screen and select "Paste without formatting."

The Edit menu is a user-friendly alternative if you forget the keyboard shortcut. Either way works perfectly.

Step 5: Adjust If Necessary

Review the pasted text and make any minor adjustments if needed for alignment or spacing.

Although the formatting should remain intact, it’s always good practice to double-check and ensure everything looks just right.

After completing these steps, your text will appear in its original format, blending seamlessly with the rest of your document.

Tips for Copying and Pasting on Google Docs Without Changing Format

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Memorize "Ctrl+Shift+V" (Windows) or "Cmd+Shift+V" (Mac) to quickly paste without formatting.
  • Source Document: Ensure the text you copy from is correctly formatted as you desire beforehand.
  • Edit Menu: Use the Edit menu option if you’re not comfortable with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Recheck Formatting: Always review the pasted text to confirm it matches the rest of your document.
  • Practice: The more you use these commands, the more natural they will become, speeding up your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does "Ctrl+Shift+V" work for all browsers?

Yes, "Ctrl+Shift+V" or "Cmd+Shift+V" works in most modern browsers. However, you should always verify as browser updates can occasionally change functionality.

Can I paste without formatting on mobile devices?

Unfortunately, the mobile version of Google Docs doesn’t support the "Paste without formatting" feature. You will need a computer to use this function.

What if "Ctrl+Shift+V" doesn’t work?

Try using the Edit menu option to paste without formatting. If this also fails, make sure your browser is up to date.

Will this method work for images?

No, "Paste without formatting" is specifically for text. Images will need to be inserted manually.

Can I customize the shortcut?

Google Docs does not currently allow customization of keyboard shortcuts. Using the provided shortcuts or menu options is necessary.


  1. Copy the Text: Select and copy the text using "Ctrl+C" or "Cmd+C."
  2. Go to the Destination in Google Docs: Place your cursor where you want the text.
  3. Use the Paste Without Formatting Option: Press "Ctrl+Shift+V" or "Cmd+Shift+V."
  4. Alternatively, Use the Edit Menu: Select "Paste without formatting" from the Edit menu.
  5. Adjust If Necessary: Review and tweak the pasted text.


Learning how to copy and paste on Google Docs without changing the format can significantly streamline your document editing process. By following these simple steps and using the provided tips, you ensure your text remains consistent and professional-looking. Don’t let formatting issues slow you down—master these techniques and keep your documents looking sharp. For more in-depth tutorials, be sure to explore Google’s help resources. Happy editing!