How to Copy and Paste on Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Copying and pasting on Google Sheets is a simple task that can save you a lot of time. To do it, you’ll need to select the cells you want to copy, use a keyboard shortcut or the right-click menu to copy them, move to where you want to paste them, and then use another keyboard shortcut or menu option to paste.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Copy and Paste on Google Sheets

In the following steps, we’ll walk you through the process of copying and pasting data on Google Sheets. This will help you duplicate information quickly without having to re-enter it manually.

Step 1: Select the Cells You Want to Copy

Click and drag over the cells you want to copy.

When you select the cells, a blue box will appear around them. Make sure you’ve selected all the cells you want to copy before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Copy the Cells

Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard, or right-click and select "Copy."

If you’re using a Mac, you’ll press Command+C instead. You can also find the "Copy" option in the Edit menu at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Move to Where You Want to Paste

Click on the cell where you want to start pasting the copied data.

You can paste the data into the same sheet or into a different Google Sheets document. Just make sure you’re clicked into the right cell before you paste.

Step 4: Paste the Cells

Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard, or right-click and select "Paste."

Again, if you’re on a Mac, you’ll use Command+V. There are also different paste options available in the right-click menu, such as "Paste values only," which can be useful depending on what you need.

After you’ve pasted the cells, the data you copied will appear in the new location. You can then continue working on your spreadsheet as usual.

Tips: Maximizing Efficiency When Copying and Pasting on Google Sheets

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (or Command+C/V on a Mac) are much faster than using the right-click menu.
  • If you’re copying and pasting values that you don’t want to change, use "Paste values only" to prevent formulas from adjusting based on their new location.
  • To copy a cell’s format as well as its content, use the "Paint format" tool, which looks like a paint roller. Click on the cell with the format you want to copy, then click the "Paint format" tool, and then click the cell you want to apply the format to.
  • If you want to paste data into multiple cells, select the range of cells you want to paste into before hitting paste. The copied data will fill all selected cells.
  • Take advantage of the "Paste special" options for more advanced pasting needs, such as transposing data or pasting only formulas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy cells from one Google Sheets document to another?

Yes, you can copy cells from one Google Sheets document to another by following the same steps. Just make sure you have both documents open.

How do I copy and paste a whole row or column?

To copy and paste a whole row, click on the row number to select the entire row, then use the copy and paste shortcuts. For a column, click on the column letter.

Can I undo a paste if I make a mistake?

Yes, you can undo a paste action by pressing Ctrl+Z (or Command+Z on a Mac), or by clicking on the "Undo" button in the toolbar.

How do I paste data without changing the format of the cells I’m pasting into?

Use the "Paste special" option and select "Paste values only" to paste the data without changing the format of the destination cells.

Can I copy and paste multiple selections at once?

Yes, you can copy and paste non-adjacent cells by holding down the Ctrl key (or Command key on a Mac) while selecting the cells you want to copy. Then, copy and paste as you normally would.


  1. Select the cells to copy.
  2. Copy the cells.
  3. Move to the paste location.
  4. Paste the cells.


Mastering the art of copying and pasting on Google Sheets can significantly boost your productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re working with large datasets or simply want to duplicate information without the hassle of retyping, knowing how to copy and paste correctly is crucial. With keyboard shortcuts and various paste options at your disposal, you can customize how you transfer data to fit your specific needs. As always, practice makes perfect, so don’t shy away from using these techniques as you navigate through your spreadsheets. Embrace the power of Google Sheets and let copying and pasting propel you towards more streamlined and effective data management.