how to change number of decimal places in excel

Why Is Excel Only Showing Two Decimal Places?

Excel can be used for many purposes, including ones where you need to store numbers to a high degree of specificity. This often involves entering numerical values that contain a high number of decimal places. But you might notice that Excel is rounding these numbers are after only a couple of decimal places, and your … Read more

how to enable macros in excel 2013

How to Enable Macros in Excel 2013

Macros in Microsoft Excel give you a way to automate tasks that could be time-consuming if performed manually. But macros can potentially be dangerous if someone wishes to use them that way, so Excel is very careful with allowing you to use them in your workbooks. Our tutorial below will show you how to add … Read more

how to change the page order in excel 2013

How to Change Page Order in Excel 2013

When you print a large spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2013, the default behavior is for the data to print down, then over. This means that the columns that are further to the right will print after the bottom row of the leftmost column. Unfortunately your spreadsheet may have been designed in such a way that … Read more

how to print headings in excel 2013

How to Print Headings in Excel 2013

Keeping track of which data goes in which columns is often a problem for people reading printed Excel spreadsheets. The columns can start to look the same the further you go down the page, and it can become simple to confuse things. One way to resolve this is to include headings at the top and … Read more