How to Add a Comment in Excel 2013

Collaborating on a spreadsheet with a group of people can be difficult, particularly when people have questions about information contained within that spreadsheet. Referencing cells without editing them can be tricky, so it is fortunate that Excel has a built-in commenting system that you can use to add a comment to cell in your spreadsheet.

This article will walk you through adding a comment in Excel 2013. That comment will be indicated by a small arrow at the top-right corner of the cell. Anyone viewing the spreadsheet can then view your comment by clicking on a cell with that arrow.


How to Add a Comment to a Cell in Excel 2013

This guide includes steps for adding a comment to a cell in your spreadsheet. This comment will include the name that is currently set for your Excel installation, along with the information that you include in the comment. Our guide is going to show you the method of adding a comment from the ribbon. At the end of the guide we will show you how to add a comment from the right-click menu, as well as how you can change the Excel setting so that the comments are always visible.

Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2013.


Step 2: Click the cell to which you would like to add a comment.

select the cell for the comment



Step 3: Click the Review tab at the top of the window.

select the review tab



Step 4: Click the New Comment button.

click the new comment button



Step 5: Type your comment into the pop-up box. Once you have finished your comment you can click out side of the comment box to hide it.

how to add a comment in excel 2013



You can also add a comment to a cell by right-clicking the cell, then selecting the Insert Comment option.

how to insert a comment in excel 2013



Additionally, if you would like the comments to remain visible, then click the Show All Comments button in the Comments section of the ribbon.

how to show all comments in excel 2013



Are there a lot of useful comments in your spreadsheet, and you would like to print them out to analyze later, or as part of a group or team project? Find out how you can print comments in Excel 2013 by changing a setting in your worksheet.