How to Center Text Across Multiple Cells in Excel 2013

Merging and centering in Excel 2013 is a useful setting when you are creating a report in a spreadsheet, and are trying to improve its aesthetic appeal. But merged cells can be difficult to work with if you need to format a range of cells, and you may discover that you need to make a lot of changes for something that initially seemed simple.

One way to get the same centered look that is achieved with the Merge and Center option is to format a cell so that it is centered across a selection of cells. This will result in data that appears to be merged, but is still stored in its original cell location.


Horizontally Centering Across Multiple Cells Without Merging in Excel 2013

The steps in this article will assume that you have data in one cell, and you wish to center it across multiple columns without merging any of the cells. Cell merging, while helpful in certain situations, can be problematic in certain use situations.


  1. Open your worksheet in Excel 2013.

  3. Select the cells across which you wish to center your data.
  4. select the cell range to center across



  5. Right-click the selection, then click the Format Cells option.
  6. right-click, then format cells



  7. Click the Alignment tab at the top of the window.
  8. click the alignment tab



  9. Click the drop-down menu under Horizontal, then click the Center across selection option. You can then click the OK button to apply your changes and close the window.

center across multiple cells in excel 2013



Note that with the method described above, even if you have centered your cell across multiple cells, the data is still a part of the cell in which it was initially entered. Therefore, if you hide the column containing the data, it will no longer be visible, even if the other cells across which it were centered have not been hidden.

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