iOS 17: How to Stop Repeating Text Message Alerts on iPhone

Are you tired of getting bombarded by the same text message notification over and over again on your iPhone? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a simple way to fix that in iOS 17. Don’t worry, it’s a breeze, and you’ll have peace of mind in no time.

You can also check out this video about how to stop repeating text message alerts on an iPhone for more on this subject.

iOS 17: How to Stop Repeating Text Message Alerts on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly understand what we’re achieving here. We’re going to adjust your iPhone’s settings so that you only get notified once for each text message, instead of the default two alerts. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

This app is the one with the gear icon, and it’s where all the magic happens when it comes to personalizing your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Notifications

Scroll down and tap on Notifications.

Notifications are those little pop-ups that tell you what’s going on with your apps, messages, and more.

Step 3: Select Messages

Find and tap on Messages from the list of apps.

This is where all the settings for your text messages live.

Step 4: Tap on Customize Notifications

Within the Messages settings, look for Customize Notifications and tap on it.

This option lets you fine-tune how you receive alerts for your texts.

Step 5: Tap on Repeat Alerts

Scroll down until you see Repeat Alerts and give that a tap.

Repeat Alerts is the feature that’s been causing all those additional notifications.

Step 6: Select Never

Choose Never to stop repeating text message alerts.

By selecting Never, you’re telling your iPhone that you only want to be notified once for each text message.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your iPhone will respect your wishes and only alert you once per text message. No more annoying repeats!

Tips for Managing Text Message Alerts in iOS 17

  • If you’re part of a group chat that’s particularly chatty, consider using the Do Not Disturb feature for that specific conversation.
  • Customize text tones for different contacts so you can identify the sender without even looking at your phone.
  • Take advantage of the new Focus modes in iOS 17 to manage notifications based on your current activity.
  • Remember, you can always preview messages from your lock screen for a quick glance without going into the Messages app.
  • Use the search function in Messages to quickly find past conversations or specific messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set repeat alerts for individual contacts?

Yes, you can customize notifications settings for each contact, including repeat alerts.

What if I change my mind and want repeat alerts again?

Simply follow the same steps and choose a different option for Repeat Alerts, like once or twice.

Will changing the Repeat Alerts setting affect my other notification settings?

No, it only affects the repeat frequency of text message alerts.

Can I have different repeat alert settings for iMessages and text messages?

The Repeat Alerts setting applies to both iMessages and text messages.

If I have Do Not Disturb enabled, will I still get text message alerts?

No, Do Not Disturb silences all calls and alerts, unless you’ve set exceptions for specific contacts or repeated calls.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Select Messages.
  4. Tap on Customize Notifications.
  5. Tap on Repeat Alerts.
  6. Select Never.


So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to stopping those pesky repeating text message alerts on your iPhone with iOS 17. It’s pretty straightforward, right? Just a few taps and you’re all set! This simple tweak to your settings can make a world of difference, especially if you’re someone who receives a lot of messages throughout the day.

No more being startled by the second alert, no more unnecessary interruptions during meetings, and no more double-checking to see if it’s a new message or just the same one from a few minutes ago. With these steps, you’ll have a more streamlined and distraction-free experience with your iPhone. And remember, if you ever miss the repeats, you can always reverse the process.

Feel free to explore other notification settings to optimize your iPhone experience further. After all, your phone should work for you, not against you. Happy texting, and enjoy the tranquility that comes with knowing you won’t be nagged by your phone for the same message twice.