How to Cross Out a Word in Google Docs: A Quick and Easy Guide

how to cross out a word in google docs

Striking through words in Google Docs is super simple! All you have to do is select the word or phrase you want to cross out, then use a quick keyboard shortcut or find the option in the format menu. In just a few clicks, you’ll have your text crossed out, making it easy to indicate changes or revisions in your document.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for How to Cross Out a Word in Google Docs

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to cross out text in Google Docs. Follow these instructions to learn how to add a strikethrough to your text.

Step 1: Open your Google Docs document

Make sure you have your Google Docs document open and ready.

Once your document is open, you can begin editing and formatting your text. If you don’t have a document open, you can create a new one by clicking on the "Blank" option on the Google Docs homepage.

Step 2: Select the word or phrase you want to cross out

Highlight the text you wish to strikethrough by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.

When the text is highlighted, it means it is selected and ready for formatting. Make sure you select only the text you want to cross out.

Step 3: Use the keyboard shortcut

Press Alt + Shift + 5 on your keyboard.

This keyboard shortcut is the quickest way to add a strikethrough to your selected text. It’s a handy trick to remember if you often need to cross out words or phrases.

Step 4: Alternatively, use the format menu

Click on "Format" in the top menu, then hover over "Text" and select "Strikethrough."

If you prefer using menu options instead of keyboard shortcuts, this method is for you. It’s just a few extra clicks, but it gets the job done.

Step 5: Check your crossed-out text

Look at your text to make sure the strikethrough has been applied.

If the strikethrough appears, then you’re all set! If not, double-check your steps to ensure you selected the text properly and used the correct shortcut or menu option.

After you complete these steps, the selected text in your Google Docs document will have a line through it, indicating it has been crossed out.

Tips for How to Cross Out a Word in Google Docs

  1. Keyboard Shortcut: Memorize the Alt + Shift + 5 shortcut for quick access.
  2. Undo Strikethrough: To remove a strikethrough, just use the same shortcut or menu option again.
  3. Consistent Formatting: Use the same method for crossing out text to maintain consistency in your document.
  4. Multiple Words: You can select multiple words or phrases at once to strikethrough them all.
  5. Check Compatibility: Ensure your keyboard layout matches the shortcut keys, especially if you’re using a non-standard keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a strikethrough in Google Docs?

To remove a strikethrough, select the text with the strikethrough and press Alt + Shift + 5 again, or use the Format menu to uncheck the Strikethrough option.

Can I strikethrough multiple lines of text?

Yes, you can select multiple lines of text and apply the strikethrough to all of them at once using the same steps.

Is there a way to customize the strikethrough line?

No, Google Docs does not currently offer customization options for the strikethrough line.

Can I use strikethrough in the Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, you can strikethrough text in the Google Docs mobile app by selecting the text, tapping the "A" icon to open text formatting options, and then selecting the strikethrough option.

What if my keyboard shortcut isn’t working?

Make sure your Google Docs window is active and that you’re using the shortcut correctly. If it still doesn’t work, try using the Format menu option instead.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Select the word or phrase you want to cross out.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5.
  4. Alternatively, use the Format menu to select Strikethrough.
  5. Check your crossed-out text.


Striking through text in Google Docs is a breeze once you know how to do it. Whether you use the keyboard shortcut or navigate through the format menu, crossing out words can help you manage revisions, highlight changes, or simply make a point. Remember to practice these steps a few times so they become second nature. If you frequently work with documents that require strikethroughs, mastering this skill will make your editing process more efficient. So go ahead, open up Google Docs, and start crossing out words like a pro! For more tips and tricks on how to use Google Docs, check out other articles and tutorials available online. Happy editing!