How to Stop the Windows 10 Start Menu from Going Full Screen

Over the different versions of the Windows operating system that have been available for the past few years, there have been a couple of different styles of Start menus. Windows 7 had one that expanded from the bottom-left, while Windows 8 had a tiled Start menu that could take over the full screen.

Windows 10 has combined these two options and now offers users a choice between the two. If your Windows 10 Start menu is currently expanding to take up the entire screen, then our guide below will show you how to stop that behavior.

How to Open the Windows 10 Start Menu at the Bottom-Left Corner

The steps in this article were performed on a Windows 10 laptop. This guide assumes that your Start menu currently expands to take up the entire screen when you open it, and that you would like to restrict it to a smaller space.

Step 1: Click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

click the start button

Step 2: Select the gear icon at the bottom-left of the Start menu.

click the gear button

Step 3: Choose the Personalization option.

open the personalization menu

Step 4: Select the Start tab at the left side of the window.

select the start tab at the left side

Step 5: Click the button under Use Start full screen to turn it off.

how to stop windows 10 from opening start menu full screen

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