How to Increase Font Size in Word: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Increase Font Size in Word

Need to make the text in your Word document bigger? It’s straightforward! Open your document, highlight the text you want to resize, and use the font size dropdown in the toolbar to select your preferred size. For a deeper dive, follow the detailed steps below.

How to Increase Font Size in Word

Let’s break down the steps to increase the font size in a Word document. Each step is simple and will ensure your text is the perfect size for readability.

Step 1: Open Your Document

First, open Microsoft Word and load the document you want to edit.

Once the document is open, make sure you can see the toolbar at the top. If it’s not visible, you may need to enable it by clicking on ‘View’ and then ‘Toolbars.’

Step 2: Highlight the Text

Next, select the text you want to resize by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.

After highlighting, your selected text should be visibly different from the rest. If needed, you can also use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + A (Cmd + A on Mac) to select all text.

Step 3: Find the Font Size Dropdown

Look for the font size dropdown in the toolbar, usually located near the font style dropdown.

The dropdown menu typically displays a number representing the current font size. Click the downward arrow to see a list of available sizes.

Step 4: Choose Your Font Size

Click on the desired font size from the dropdown menu.

You can also type in a specific size if the preset options don’t meet your needs. Just click inside the dropdown, type the number, and press Enter.

Step 5: Apply the Changes

After selecting the new size, your text should update immediately to reflect the change.

If the change doesn’t apply, make sure the text is still highlighted. Sometimes, Word can deselect text if you click outside the toolbar.

After following these steps, your text will appear larger and more readable. It’s a simple, yet effective way to make your documents more accessible!

Tips for Increasing Font Size in Word

  • Use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + > (Cmd + Shift + > on Mac) to quickly increase font size.
  • For consistent formatting, use the ‘Styles’ feature to apply font sizes across headings and paragraphs.
  • Remember that larger font sizes may affect your document’s layout and page count.
  • Preview your document in ‘Print Layout’ to see how the font size changes affect the overall look.
  • Save your work frequently to avoid losing any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase font size for all text in a document?

Select all the text using Ctrl + A (Cmd + A on Mac), then choose the desired font size from the dropdown.

Can I set a default font size for new documents?

Yes, go to File > Options > Font and set your preferred size as the default.

What if the font size I need isn’t in the dropdown?

You can type in a custom size directly in the font size box and press Enter.

How do I increase font size in headers and footers?

Double-click on the header or footer to edit it, then follow the same steps to increase font size.

Is there a maximum font size limit in Word?

Yes, Word typically allows font sizes up to 1638 points, which is very large.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open your document.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Find the font size dropdown.
  4. Choose your font size.
  5. Apply the changes.


Increasing font size in Word is a simple yet powerful way to improve readability and accessibility in your documents. Whether you’re preparing a report, writing an essay, or creating a flyer, making sure your text is clear and legible is crucial. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily adjust the font size to suit your needs.

Don’t forget to explore other formatting options in Word to make your documents even more polished and professional. For more tips and tricks, keep an eye on our blog or reach out with any specific questions you have. Happy writing!