How to Download App Without WiFi on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide

Downloading apps without WiFi on your iPhone 13 is straightforward. All you need is a cellular data connection, and you can download apps from the App Store anytime and anywhere. Let’s dive into the steps to achieve this.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Download App Without WiFi on iPhone 13

Before we jump into the steps, it’s important to note that downloading apps without WiFi will use your cellular data. If you have a limited data plan, keep an eye on your data usage to avoid extra charges.

Step 1: Disable WiFi on your iPhone 13

Turn off WiFi in the settings to ensure that your phone uses cellular data.

When you disable WiFi, your iPhone will automatically switch to using cellular data. You can turn off WiFi by going to Settings > WiFi and toggling the switch to off.

Step 2: Check Your Cellular Data Settings

Make sure that the App Store is allowed to use cellular data.

Go to Settings > Cellular and scroll down to the App Store. Make sure the switch next to it is turned on, allowing it to use your cellular data for downloads.

Step 3: Open the App Store and Find the App

Navigate to the App Store, search for the app you want to download, and select it.

Once you’ve found the app, tap on it to view its details. Make sure it’s the correct app before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Download the App

Tap the download button to start downloading the app using your cellular data.

You’ll see a cloud icon with a downward arrow or the word “Get” if it’s a free app. Tap it, and if prompted, confirm your Apple ID password or use Touch ID or Face ID to start the download.

After completing these steps, the app will start downloading onto your iPhone 13 using your cellular data. Depending on the size of the app and the speed of your data connection, it might take a few minutes to download.

Tips: How to Download App Without WiFi on iPhone 13

  • Monitor your data usage regularly to avoid going over your limit and incurring extra charges.
  • Consider downloading smaller apps without WiFi to conserve data.
  • If you have an unlimited data plan, you don’t need to worry about data usage when downloading apps.
  • Schedule larger app downloads for when you have access to WiFi.
  • Turn off automatic app updates over cellular data to save data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download all apps without WiFi on my iPhone 13?

Yes, as long as the app doesn’t specifically require a WiFi connection and you have allowed App Store to use cellular data.

Will downloading apps without WiFi use a lot of data?

It depends on the size of the app. Larger apps will use more data than smaller ones.

What if I start downloading an app without WiFi and then connect to WiFi?

Your iPhone will automatically switch to the WiFi connection to finish the download, saving your cellular data.

Can I restrict certain apps from using cellular data?

Yes, go to Settings > Cellular and toggle off the switch next to the apps you want to restrict.

Is there a data usage limit for downloading apps without WiFi?

This depends on your carrier and data plan. Check with your carrier for any restrictions or additional charges.


  1. Disable WiFi on your iPhone 13.
  2. Check your cellular data settings.
  3. Open the App Store and find the app you want to download.
  4. Download the app using cellular data.


Let’s face it, we don’t always have the luxury of being connected to WiFi. Whether you’re traveling, out on a hike, or in an area with spotty WiFi coverage, knowing how to download apps without WiFi on your iPhone 13 can be a lifesaver. It’s a simple process that requires just a few taps in the settings. Just remember to keep an eye on your data usage if you’re not on an unlimited plan. It’s all about staying connected and making the most out of your iPhone 13’s capabilities, even without a WiFi connection. Happy downloading!