How to Change the Default Notes Account on an iPhone 7

I use the Notes app on my iPhone all the time. Whether I need to create a list of things that I need at the store, or I have an idea that I don’t want to forget, the convenience of the Notes app on my phone makes it so that the amount of information I forget is minimized.

Depending on how familiar you are with your iPhone’s Notes app, you might not know that you probably have more than one Notes account in it. There’s typically one account from your iCloud account, maybe one from an email account or two, and possibly even an account for notes that just stay on your iPhone. So if you prefer to create notes in one account and find that you aren’t, then you might be looking for a way to change the default account used in Notes on your iPhone.


How to Use a Different Notes Account by Default in iOS 10

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.3.3. This guide assumes that the current default account for your notes is not the one that you want to use. It also assumes that you have another Notes account that you want to set as the default. The default Notes account is mainly used in the Notes widget in the Today view and when you create a note with Siri.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings app



Step 2: Scroll down and choose the Notes option.

choose the Notes settings menu



Step 3: Touch the Default Notes button.

select the default account option



Step 4: Tap the account that you want to use as the default for notes that you create in the future.

how to change the default notes account on an iphone 7



You can always switch between Notes accounts at any time, but if you only use, or only want to use, one account, then setting the default account using the steps above is more convenient.


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