How to Use a 24-Hour Clock on Your MacBook Air

Depending upon your current location, personal preferences or current state of mind, you might want to display your clock in a different way than Apple and iOS think you should. One option that they give you for displaying your clock is a 24 hour format. This means that the clock will not use AM and PM, but rather will go from oo:00 to 23:59. So continue reading below to learn how you need to go about configuring this setting in iOS on your MacBook Air.


Changing Your MacBook Air Clock Format


There are actually a bunch of different options available for setting up your clock, but we are just going to focus on using the 24-hour option. If you want to see all of the choices available to you, simply look around the Date & Time Preferences menu to see if there is something you prefer.


Step 1; Click the time at the top-right corner of the screen.

click the time


Step 2: Click the Open Date & Time Preferences option at the bottom of the menu.

click the date and time preferences option


Step 3: Click the Clock tab at the center of the window.


click the clock tab at the center of the window


Step 4: Check the box to the left of Use a 24-hour clock. Note that this will uncheck the box below it, to the left of Show AM/PM.


how to use a 24 hour clock on your macbook air


You will note that the AM or PM that was previously displayed to the right of the clock at the top of the screen is now gone. If it is after 12:59, you will also see that the 24-hour format is in effect.

check out the 24 hour clock


If you want to return to the previous clock state, you can simply follow these instructions again, but choose to use the Show AM/PM option again.