how to show filename extensions on mac

How to Show Filename Extensions in Finder on a Mac

The different files that you have on your computer all have file types. An Excel spreadsheet could have a filename extension like .xls or .xlsx, while a Word document might be the .doc or .docx file type. But the Finder app on your Mac might only be showing the names of the files right now, … Read more

how to create a new folder on a macbook

How to Create a New Folder on a MacBook Air

Folders on your computer can be difficult to navigate when they contain a lot of files. This is especially true of folders that get a lot of use, such as your Documents or Downloads folder. One way to alleviate some of this confusion is by creating new folders and organizing your files into those folders. … Read more

how to turn off the firewall on a mac

How to Disable the Firewall on a Mac in macOS High Sierra

Your MacBook that is running the macOS High Sierra operating system has a built-in firewall to prevent unauthorized connections across the Internet from gaining access to your computer. But while that firewall is good at keeping out malicious connections, it also does a good job at keeping out connections that actually aren’t harmful, but may … Read more

how to disable javascript in safari on a macbook

How to Disable Javascript in Safari on a Mac

Many of the websites that you visit on the Internet use a number of different languages and script to display information and provide you with features. One of the more commonly used languages is Javascript, and almost every website that you visit will use it in some way. Unfortunately Javascript can also be used for … Read more