How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google Chrome: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off trending searches on Google Chrome is a simple process that involves a few clicks within the browser settings. The trending searches feature often displays popular search queries, which might be distracting or irrelevant to some users. By following the steps outlined below, anyone can disable this feature for a more streamlined browsing experience.

How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google Chrome

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand why you might want to turn off trending searches. Maybe you find them distracting, or perhaps you prefer a more personalized search experience without the influence of what’s popular. Whatever the reason, following these steps will help you achieve just that.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer or mobile device.

When you open Google Chrome, make sure you’re signed in to your Google account to ensure that the changes you make are saved and applied to your account.

Step 2: Access the Settings Menu

Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser to access the settings menu.

The settings menu is where you can customize various aspects of your browsing experience, including privacy, appearance, and search settings.

Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Search Settings’ Option

In the settings menu, scroll down to ‘Search settings’ and click on it.

The ‘Search settings’ option is where you can manage how Google handles your searches, including personalization and privacy settings.

Step 4: Find the ‘Autocomplete with Trending Searches’ Section

Scroll down in ‘Search settings’ until you find the ‘Autocomplete with trending searches’ section.

This section contains the toggle switch that controls whether or not trending searches are displayed as part of the autocomplete suggestions in the search bar.

Step 5: Turn Off Trending Searches

Click on the toggle switch to turn off trending searches.

Once you click the toggle switch, it should change color, indicating that trending searches have been turned off.

After completing these steps, trending searches will no longer appear in your Google Chrome browser. You can now enjoy a more focused search experience without the distraction of what’s trending.

Tips for Turning Off Trending Searches on Google Chrome

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account to save your changes.
  • If you change your mind, you can always turn trending searches back on by following the same steps.
  • Turning off trending searches does not affect your search history or personalized suggestions based on your activity.
  • Double-check that the toggle switch is off, as it can sometimes appear to be off when it’s not clicked all the way.
  • Consider exploring other Google Chrome settings to further customize your browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off trending searches on the Google Chrome mobile app?

Yes, you can turn off trending searches on the mobile app by accessing the settings menu and following similar steps to the ones outlined above.

The process might slightly differ depending on the device and app version, so make sure to look for the ‘Search settings’ or similar options within the app.

Will turning off trending searches affect my search history?

No, turning off trending searches only affects the autocomplete suggestions and not your search history.

Your search history is a separate feature that keeps track of the searches you’ve made while signed in to your Google account.

Can I still see personalized suggestions after turning off trending searches?

Yes, personalized suggestions based on your search history and activity will still appear, as long as you have that feature enabled in your settings.

Personalized suggestions are different from trending searches, as they’re tailored to your interests and activity rather than what’s popular globally.

Is it possible to turn off all autocomplete suggestions, not just trending searches?

Yes, you can turn off all autocomplete suggestions by accessing the ‘Search settings’ and disabling the feature entirely.

If you prefer not to see any suggestions at all when you start typing in the search bar, this is the option for you.

Will other users on the same device see trending searches if I turn them off?

If other users have separate Google accounts and profiles on the same device, they will need to turn off trending searches individually for their accounts.

Each user’s settings are specific to their account, so your preferences won’t affect other users unless they’re using your profile.


  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Access the settings menu.
  3. Navigate to ‘Search settings’.
  4. Find the ‘Autocomplete with trending searches’ section.
  5. Turn off trending searches.


Turning off trending searches on Google Chrome is a quick and easy way to tailor your search experience to your preferences. Whether you’re looking to declutter your search bar or simply prefer not to see what’s popular, disabling this feature can help you focus on what matters most to you. While trending searches can be a helpful tool for staying up-to-date on current events and popular topics, having control over what you see when you browse is essential for a personalized experience. So go ahead, take control of your Google Chrome settings, and browse the way you like. And remember, if you ever feel like you’re missing out on what’s trending, you can always turn the feature back on!