How to Turn Off App Recommendations in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off app recommendations on Windows 11 is a straightforward task that can make your Start menu look cleaner and less cluttered. Just a few clicks in the Settings menu will do the trick. Follow these steps to customize your Windows 11 experience and remove those pesky suggestions.

How to Turn Off App Recommendations Windows 11

By following these steps, you will turn off app recommendations in Windows 11, creating a more streamlined Start menu.

Step 1: Open Settings

Click on the Start button, then select the gear icon to open Settings.

Settings is where you’ll find all the options to customize your Windows 11 experience.

Step 2: Navigate to Personalization

In the Settings menu, click on "Personalization."

The Personalization section allows you to change how your desktop and Start menu look and feel.

Step 3: Select Start

Within Personalization, click on "Start."

This section focuses specifically on the Start menu settings, including app recommendations.

Step 4: Turn Off App Recommendations

Find the option that says "Show suggestions occasionally in Start" and toggle it off.

Toggling this option off will stop Windows from showing app recommendations in your Start menu.

After completing these steps, your Start menu will no longer show app recommendations, giving you a cleaner and more personalized experience.

Tips for Turning Off App Recommendations Windows 11

  • Explore Other Settings: While you’re in the Personalization menu, take a moment to explore other settings that can enhance your Windows experience.
  • Update Windows Regularly: Keeping Windows up to date ensures you have the latest features and options.
  • Backup Settings: Before making changes, consider backing up your settings in case you want to revert.
  • Check Privacy Settings: Adjust privacy settings to limit data sharing, which can further reduce unwanted recommendations.
  • Restart if Needed: If the changes don’t take effect immediately, try restarting your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are app recommendations in Windows 11?

App recommendations are suggestions for apps you might find useful, shown in your Start menu.

Will turning off recommendations affect system performance?

No, turning off app recommendations will not impact your system’s performance.

Can I still get app recommendations elsewhere?

Yes, you might still see app recommendations in the Microsoft Store or other parts of Windows 11.

Do I need to restart my computer after turning off recommendations?

Usually, changes take effect immediately, but if not, a restart can help.

Can I turn app recommendations back on?

Yes, simply follow the same steps and toggle the option back on if you change your mind.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Personalization.
  3. Select Start.
  4. Turn off app recommendations.


Turning off app recommendations on Windows 11 is a simple yet effective way to enhance your Start menu. By following the steps outlined, you can declutter your screen and make your computing experience more enjoyable. While you’re in the Settings menu, don’t hesitate to explore other customization options. A well-organized Start menu can make navigating your computer smoother and more efficient. So, take a moment to adjust these settings and enjoy a cleaner, more personalized Windows 11 environment.