How to Get Rid of Yahoo on Google Chrome: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to get rid of Yahoo on Google Chrome? No worries, it’s a quick and easy process! In just a few steps, you can remove Yahoo as your default search engine and start using Google Chrome with the search engine of your choice. Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial: Remove Yahoo from Google Chrome

Before we begin, let me give you a heads-up on what we’re about to do. Following these steps will change your default search engine, remove Yahoo extensions, and delete Yahoo from your homepage if it’s set there.

Step 1: Open Chrome Settings

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Google Chrome and select "Settings."

In this step, you’re accessing the main hub where all the customization for Google Chrome takes place. From themes to privacy settings, this is where you can make Chrome your own.

Step 2: Manage Search Engines

Scroll down to the "Search engine" section and click on "Manage search engines."

Here, you’ll see a list of search engines that Chrome can use. You might be surprised to see how many are listed!

Step 3: Remove Yahoo as the Default Search Engine

If Yahoo is set as the default, click on the three dots next to it and choose "Make default" for another search engine.

By doing this, you’re telling Chrome, "Hey, I want to use this search engine instead of Yahoo when I’m searching for something."

Step 4: Delete Yahoo from the List

After setting a new default, click on the three dots next to Yahoo and select "Remove from list."

Now, you’re cleaning house. Removing Yahoo from the list means it won’t even be an option for accidental clicks.

Step 5: Check Chrome Extensions

Go back to the main Settings page, click on "Extensions," and remove any Yahoo extensions you find.

Extensions can be helpful, but if they’re not what you want, they’re just taking up space. This step ensures that Yahoo isn’t lurking anywhere in your browser.

Step 6: Adjust Your Homepage

If Yahoo is set as your homepage, go back to settings, find the "On startup" section, and set a new homepage.

Your homepage is what pops up when you first open Chrome. It should be something you want to see, not an automatic promo for Yahoo.

After completing these steps, Yahoo will vanish from your Google Chrome experience. No more unwanted redirects or search results from Yahoo!

Tips for Removing Yahoo from Google Chrome

  • Double-check that you’ve removed Yahoo as your default search engine; sometimes it can be sneaky and stick around.
  • Keep an eye on any extensions you add in the future; they might change your search engine without you realizing it.
  • Remember that you can always add Yahoo back if you change your mind; nothing is permanent!
  • Restart Chrome after making these changes to ensure they take effect.
  • If you’re having trouble, there might be a larger issue at play; consider reaching out to Google’s support team for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Yahoo keeps coming back as my default search engine?

If Yahoo continues to reappear, there may be a malicious program on your computer that’s resetting it. Run a virus scan to check for malware.

Can I remove Yahoo from Google Chrome on my mobile device?

Yes, the process is similar. Access the settings in your Chrome app and follow the steps to change your search engine and remove extensions.

What should I do if I can’t find the Yahoo extension?

If the Yahoo extension isn’t listed, it might be installed under a different name. Look for anything unfamiliar or out of place and remove it.

Is it safe to remove Yahoo from my browser?

Absolutely! It’s your browser, and you should have full control over which search engines and extensions you use.

Will removing Yahoo affect my computer in any other way?

No, removing Yahoo from Chrome will only affect your browsing experience. Your computer will function just as it did before.


  1. Open Chrome settings
  2. Manage search engines
  3. Change default search engine
  4. Remove Yahoo from the list
  5. Check and remove extensions
  6. Adjust homepage settings


Removing Yahoo from Google Chrome should feel like a breeze with the steps outlined above. Whether it’s to streamline your browsing experience or simply to stick with the search engines you prefer, having control over your browser settings is key to a frustration-free online experience. Don’t forget to take note of the tips and FAQs for any troubleshooting or additional context you might need down the line. Remember, the internet is vast and always changing, and so should your control over how you navigate it. Happy browsing without Yahoo on Google Chrome!