How to Set Outlook as Default Mail Client in Windows 11: Easy Guide

Setting Outlook as Your Default Mail Client in Windows 11

Making Outlook your default mail client in Windows 11 is super simple. Just follow these steps to get your email sorted and running smoothly. You’ll be changing some default app settings, and with a bit of clicking here and there, you’ll be all set. Let’s dive into the details!

How to Set Outlook as Default Mail Client in Windows 11

In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps to make Outlook your go-to mail client in Windows 11. By the end, you’ll have Outlook opening your emails by default.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, you need to open the Settings app.

Click on the Start menu and then the gear icon labeled "Settings." This will bring up the main settings menu where you can configure various system options.

Step 2: Go to Apps

Next, navigate to the Apps section.

In the Settings menu, click on "Apps." This section lets you manage all the applications installed on your computer, including setting defaults.

Step 3: Click on Default Apps

Now, look for the "Default apps" option.

Scroll through the Apps menu to find "Default apps" and click on it. Here, you can change which applications open different types of files and links.

Step 4: Set Outlook as Default Email App

Scroll down to the Email section and set it to Outlook.

In the Default apps menu, find the "Email" option. Click on it, and a list of available email clients will appear. Select "Outlook" from this list.

Step 5: Confirm Your Choice

Finally, confirm that Outlook is now set as the default mail app.

Make sure that Outlook is listed as the default under the Email section. This confirms that your changes have been applied.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Outlook will be your default email client. Every time you click on an email link, Outlook will open automatically.

Tips for Setting Outlook as Default Mail Client in Windows 11

Here are a few extra tips to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Restart Your Computer: Sometimes changes don’t take effect until after a reboot.
  • Update Windows: Make sure your Windows 11 is up to date to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Check Outlook Settings: Ensure Outlook is properly configured for your email accounts before making it the default.
  • Test the Change: Click on an email link to make sure Outlook opens as expected.
  • Fallback Plan: Know how to revert the change if you encounter any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t Outlook showing up in the default apps list?

Make sure Outlook is properly installed on your computer. If it’s installed and still not showing, try restarting your computer.

Can I set different defaults for different email accounts?

Windows 11 only allows one default email client, but you can manage multiple accounts within Outlook itself.

How can I revert back to my previous email client?

Go back to the Default apps settings and change the Email option back to your previous email client.

What if I don’t see the Default apps option?

Ensure you are in the latest version of Windows 11 as some features might be missing in older versions.

Does this affect only email links or all email-related actions?

Setting Outlook as the default affects all email links and actions that require an email client.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Click on Default Apps.
  4. Set Outlook as Default Email App.
  5. Confirm Your Choice.


Congratulations! You’ve now set Outlook as your default mail client in Windows 11. This simple change can streamline your email management, making your digital life a bit easier. If you run into any issues, remember the tips we discussed to troubleshoot common problems. By keeping your system and apps up to date, you ensure a smooth experience.

Feel free to explore more settings within Outlook to optimize it for your daily use. The more familiar you become with it, the more you’ll appreciate its robust features. And if you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with others who might benefit from setting Outlook as their default mail client in Windows 11. Happy emailing!