How to Repeat Header on Each Page in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Okay, so you’re trying to repeat a header on each page in Microsoft Word. This can be super handy for reports or essays where you want consistency across pages. Here’s the gist: you’ll insert a header, and then make it automatically show up on every page. It’s straightforward once you get the hang of it!

How to Repeat Header on Each Page in Word

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Follow these steps, and you’ll have a header that repeats across all your pages in no time.

Step 1: Open your Word document

First things first, open your Word document where you want to add the repeating header.

When you have your document open, you’re all set to begin. If you don’t have one ready, create a new document.

Step 2: Go to the Insert tab

Next, navigate to the top of the screen and click on the "Insert" tab.

The Insert tab contains various options, and it’s where you’ll find the Header tool.

Step 3: Click on Header

In the Insert tab, look for the Header button and click on it.

A dropdown menu will appear with different header styles. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Step 4: Type your header text

Now, type the text you want to appear in the header.

You can customize this text with different fonts, sizes, colors, or even add a logo.

Step 5: Double-click outside the header area

After typing your header, double-click anywhere outside the header area to go back to your main document.

This action locks your header in place, and it should now repeat on each page.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your header will be visible on every page of your document, ensuring a consistent, professional appearance.

Tips for Repeating Header on Each Page in Word

  • Use a consistent style: Make sure your header style matches the overall theme of your document for a cohesive look.
  • Include important information: Common headers include titles, dates, or author names.
  • Check your margins: Ensure your header isn’t too close to the edge of the page.
  • Use section breaks wisely: If you need different headers for different sections, use section breaks.
  • Preview your document: Always preview your document to make sure the header appears correctly on every page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my header after creating it?

Double-click on the header area to make changes.

Can I have different headers on different pages?

Yes, use section breaks to create distinct headers for different sections.

Why isn’t my header appearing on all pages?

Check if you have section breaks that might separate the header sections.

How do I add images to my header?

Simply click inside the header area and use the Insert tab to add images.

Can I remove the header from the first page only?

Yes, go to Header & Footer Tools and select Different First Page.


  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. Click on Header.
  4. Type your header text.
  5. Double-click outside the header area.


There you have it! Now you know how to repeat a header on each page in Word. This simple trick is a game-changer for anyone working on lengthy documents, helping you maintain a consistent and professional look throughout. Whether you’re drafting a report, compiling a thesis, or just organizing your notes, repeating headers can save you time and hassle.

If you’re interested in more tips and tricks for using Word, there’s a wealth of tutorials and guides online that can further enhance your skills. Never hesitate to experiment with different features within Word to find what works best for you. And remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use these tools, the more intuitive they will become.

So, go ahead and try it out. Happy writing!