How to Print a Playlist in iTunes

If you put a lot of time into the playlists that you create in iTunes, then you may eventually decide to print out a particularly good one so that you can give it to a friend or family member. Or you may be worried that someone else with access to your computer is going to change or delete it, and you want to have a copy of that perfect playlist that you can reference in the future, if necessary.

There is a Print menu in iTunes that will allow you to print out a playlist, although it is not immediately obvious where it is located. So continue reading below and learn how you can print playlists from iTunes on your computer.


Printing a Playlist in iTunes on a Windows PC

The steps in this article were performed in iTunes, on a Windows PC.

This guide will assume that the menu bar is not currently visible at the top of your iTunes window. This is the bar that says File, Edit, View, etc. If the menu bar is visible in iTunes currently, then you can skip that part of the guide below.


  1. Open iTunes.

  3. Click the iTunes Menu button at the top-left corner of the iTunes window, then click the Show Menu Bar option.
  4. show the menu bar in itunes



  5. Click File in the Menu bar, then click the Print option.
  6. open the itunes print menu



  7. Click the Song Listing option, then click the OK button. Note that you could also elect to print a jewel case insert or an album listing, if you prefer. You can also click the drop-down menu to the right of Themes if you wish to change the information that is printed with the playlist.
  8. select the song listing



  9. Click the OK button again to print the list.

print the itunes playlist



Another way to bring up the Print menu even more quickly in iTunes is to press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. You don’t even need to display the Menu bar for that method to work. Plus, Ctrl + P works to open the Print menu in almost every other program on your computer.

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