How to Print 1 Picture in 4 Pages in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Print 1 Picture in 4 Pages in Word

Printing one picture on four separate pages in Word can be done easily. First, you need to use Word’s built-in features to resize and adjust the picture to fit across four pages. Next, you cut and paste the sections into a table that spans multiple pages. Finally, print the document.

This guide will show you how to do it step by step.

How to Print 1 Picture in 4 Pages in Word

In this section, we’ll go through the steps you need to follow to print one picture across four pages using Microsoft Word. This is great for creating posters or large visual displays.

Step 1: Insert the Picture

Open Microsoft Word and go to the “Insert” tab. Click on “Pictures” and choose the image you want to insert.

After inserting the picture, it may be too large or too small. Adjust the size by clicking on the picture and dragging the corners to resize it. Make sure it is still selected before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Create a Table

Go to the “Insert” tab again and select “Table.” Create a 2×2 table.

You now have a table that consists of four cells. This table will allow you to split the picture into four sections.

Step 3: Cut and Paste the Picture into the Table

Copy the picture by selecting it and pressing “Ctrl+C.” Click inside the first cell of the table and paste the picture by pressing “Ctrl+V.”

The picture will now fit into the first cell. Adjust the rows and columns as needed to ensure the picture fills the table’s four cells evenly.

Step 4: Split the Picture

Select the picture in the table and use the “Crop” tool found under the “Format” tab. Crop the picture to fit each cell by sections.

By cropping the picture, you make sure that each part of the picture fills its respective cell. Repeat this process for all four cells.

Step 5: Adjust Page Layout

Go to the “Layout” tab and change the page orientation to “Landscape” for better fitting.

This step is crucial as it ensures the picture is printed correctly across four pages. You might also want to adjust the margins to make sure nothing gets cut off.

Step 6: Print

Finally, go to “File” and select “Print.” Make sure to preview the pages to ensure the picture is divided correctly.

Click on “Print” to print your document. Each section of the picture will print on a separate page.

Once you complete these steps, your picture will be printed across four pages. You can then put them together to form one large image.

Tips for Printing 1 Picture in 4 Pages in Word

  • Use high-resolution images for better print quality.
  • Double-check the margins to ensure no part of the picture is cut off.
  • Experiment with different table sizes if a 2×2 table doesn’t work for your picture.
  • Consider using a high-quality printer for the best results.
  • Use the “Print Preview” function to make sure everything looks right before printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this method with other file types?

Yes, you can use this method with any image file type.

Do I need a specific version of Word?

Most recent versions of Word support these features. Older versions might have different steps.

Can I print more than four pages?

Yes, you can adjust the table size to print more pages.

Do I need any special software?

No, Microsoft Word has all the tools you need.

Will this work on a Mac?

Yes, the steps are similar for Word on a Mac.


  1. Insert the picture.
  2. Create a table.
  3. Cut and paste the picture into the table.
  4. Split the picture.
  5. Adjust the page layout.
  6. Print.


Printing one picture across four pages in Microsoft Word is a fantastic way to create large-scale images without specialized software. This method is straightforward and takes advantage of Word’s built-in features, making it accessible to anyone. Whether you’re working on a school project or creating a large visual display for a presentation, these steps will help you achieve a professional result.

Don’t forget to use high-resolution images for the best print quality. Experiment with the table and cropping tools to perfect your layout. And always preview your document before hitting the print button to ensure everything looks just right.

Now that you know how to print 1 picture in 4 pages in Word, you can add a creative touch to your projects and presentations!