How to Get Screen Record on iPhone 14

To get screen recording on an iPhone 14, navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Control Center’, and add the ‘Screen Recording’ option. Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the Control Center, then tap the recording icon to start capturing your screen. To stop recording, tap the red status bar at the top of your screen, then tap ‘Stop’.

After you complete the screen recording, the video is saved to your Photos app, where you can view, edit, or share it as you would with any other video you’ve taken with your iPhone.

You can also check out this video about how to get screen record on iPhone 14 for more information.


Capturing what happens on your phone’s screen can be incredibly useful. Whether you’re walking someone through a new app, showing off your gaming skills, or saving a live event, screen recording on the iPhone 14 is a feature you’ll want to know how to use. It’s relevant to anyone who wants to share content, save memories, or create tutorials directly from their iPhone.

It’s not just for tech-savvy folks; educators, students, business professionals, and casual users can all benefit from this handy feature. Why? Because the best explanation often comes with a visual aid, and nothing beats a video to capture the nuances of what’s happening on screen. It’s a quick way to communicate complex ideas or processes without a lengthy explanation. So, let’s dive into how you can start using screen recording on your iPhone 14 and why understanding this could make your digital life much more manageable.

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A Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of enabling and using the screen recording feature on your iPhone 14.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 14.

In ‘Settings’, scroll down until you find the ‘Control Center’ option. This is where you can customize which controls you want to have quick access to.

Step 2: Customize Controls

Tap ‘Control Center’, then find ‘Screen Recording’.

Under ‘More Controls’, you’ll see ‘Screen Recording’. If it’s not already in your ‘Included Controls’, tap the green plus (+) icon beside it to add it.

Step 3: Access Control Center

Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the Control Center.

Remember, if you have an iPhone with a Home button, you’ll swipe up from the bottom of the screen instead.

Step 4: Start Recording

Tap the Screen Recording icon, which looks like a solid circle inside a ring.

Once you tap it, there’s a three-second countdown before the recording starts, giving you time to get to the screen you want to record.

Step 5: Stop Recording

Stop the recording by tapping the red status bar at the top of your screen, then tap ‘Stop’.

Your screen recording is automatically saved to the Photos app, and from there, you can edit, delete, or share it.


Easy Sharing

The screen recording can be easily shared via text, email, or social media.

Once your video is saved to the Photos app, sharing it is as simple as sharing any other photo or video. This makes it a breeze to send tutorials, gameplay, or any other screen activity to friends, family, or colleagues.

Visual Tutorials

Create visual aids for tutorials, demonstrations, or presentations.

Screen recordings are an excellent tool for creating tutorials. Whether you’re teaching someone how to use an app or showing off a feature, a video can make it much easier to follow along.

Capture Live Events

Record live events, streaming video, or anything else that can’t be downloaded.

This is perfect for capturing moments like live streams or video calls that you want to rewatch later or share with others who missed out.


Privacy Concerns

Be mindful of privacy when recording content that isn’t yours or includes personal information.

When you record your screen, everything is captured, including any personal notifications that pop up. Always ensure you have permission if you’re recording content created by others.

Storage Space

Screen recordings can take up significant storage space on your device.

High-quality videos, especially longer ones, can eat up your iPhone’s storage, so it’s something to keep in mind before you start a recording spree.

Potential for Distraction

Getting notifications during recording can be distracting.

If you forget to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, notifications might pop up during recording, which can be distracting for viewers and may also include private information.

Video About Getting Screen Record

Additional Information

When using screen recording, it’s essential to remember a few extra tips. First, if you want to capture sound with your screen recording, press and hold the screen recording button in the Control Center and tap the ‘Microphone Audio’ to turn it on. Also, be aware that not all apps allow screen recording; some may have restrictions due to copyright or privacy issues.

Screen recordings can be edited directly in the Photos app; you can trim the start and end points, add filters, or even re-record audio with the voiceover feature. Plus, with the latest iOS updates, there could be new features or changes to the screen recording functionality, so it’s always a good idea to keep your iPhone updated.

Lastly, if you’re recording a process that involves private information or passwords, make sure to edit those parts out of the video before sharing or to pause the recording during those moments. The Control Center makes this easy, as you can quickly stop and start the recording without navigating away from what you’re doing.


  1. Open ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘Control Center’.
  3. Add ‘Screen Recording’ to ‘Included Controls’.
  4. Swipe to access Control Center.
  5. Tap to start screen recording.
  6. Tap the red status bar and ‘Stop’ to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record audio from my iPhone while screen recording?

Yes, you can capture audio from your iPhone’s microphone by long-pressing the screen recording button and enabling ‘Microphone Audio’.

Will screen recording capture my notifications?

If notifications appear while you’re recording, they will be captured in the video unless you enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Can I edit my screen recording?

Yes, you can edit your screen recording in the Photos app, similar to how you would edit any video.

Is there a time limit for screen recording?

There is no set time limit for screen recording, but the length may be restricted by the available storage on your device.

Why doesn’t screen recording work in some apps?

Some apps may restrict screen recording to protect copyright or user privacy.


Understanding how to use the screen recording feature on your iPhone 14 can dramatically enhance how you share and save content. Whether you’re a professional making a demo, a gamer sharing high scores, or just capturing memories, screen recording is a feature that once mastered, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Just remember to respect privacy, manage your storage, and keep your device updated for the best experience. As technology evolves, so do the ways we interact with our devices and share our digital lives. Screen recording on the iPhone 14 is just one example of a simple yet powerful tool at your fingertips.