How to Remove the Screen Recording Button on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

To remove the screen recording button on an iPhone 15, head to ‘Settings’, tap ‘Control Center’, find ‘Screen Recording’ under the ‘Included Controls’ section, and tap the minus symbol next to it. This quick action will ensure the button will no longer appear in the Control Center.

After completing this action, the Control Center will no longer display the screen recording option, preventing accidental screen recordings and decluttering the interface for a more streamlined experience.

You can also check out this video about how to record your iPhone screen for more on this subject.


In this age of constant screen time, being able to record what’s happening on your phone can be incredibly useful. Whether you’re creating a tutorial, documenting a bug, or just trying to capture a memorable moment, the screen recording feature on the iPhone 15 has got you covered. However, not everyone needs this feature at their fingertips all the time. In fact, some might find it’s just taking up valuable space in the Control Center, or worse, it’s a button they keep hitting by accident, starting recordings without meaning to. That’s why knowing how to remove the screen recording button from the Control Center can be just as valuable as knowing how to use it.

This article is perfect for iPhone 15 users who want to customize their Control Center to match their usage patterns. Whether you’re a parent wanting to simplify the interface for a child, a professional needing a minimalist setup, or just someone who doesn’t use the screen recording feature, this guide will help you remove the button with ease.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Remove the Screen Recording Button on iPhone 15

The following steps will guide you through removing the screen recording button from the Control Center on your iPhone 15.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 15.

Opening ‘Settings’ is your gateway to customizing various aspects of your iPhone 15, including the Control Center. It’s the gear icon typically found on your home screen.

Step 2: Select Control Center

Scroll down and select ‘Control Center’ from the list of options.

The ‘Control Center’ menu is where you can add, organize, and remove controls to design a Control Center that fits your needs.

Step 3: Find Screen Recording

Under the ‘Included Controls’ section, locate ‘Screen Recording.’

The ‘Included Controls’ section lists all the features currently accessible from the Control Center.

Step 4: Remove the Screen Recording Button

Tap the minus (-) symbol next to ‘Screen Recording’ and then tap ‘Remove.’

By tapping ‘Remove’, you confirm that you want to eliminate the screen recording button from your Control Center.


Prevents Accidental RecordingOne of the biggest benefits of removing the screen recording button is that it prevents accidental recordings which can take up unnecessary storage space and possibly capture sensitive information.
Declutters Control CenterRemoving the screen recording button can declutter your Control Center, making it easier to find and use the controls you do need.
Customizes User ExperienceBeing able to remove this button allows for a more customized user experience, ensuring that the Control Center only has the controls that are useful to you.


Less Convenient for Frequent UsersIf you frequently use screen recording, removing the button could make starting a recording less convenient, as you’ll have to go back into settings to re-enable it.
Can Be Overlooked When NeededIn situations where you do need to record your screen, not having the button readily available could be a drawback, as you’ll need to remember how to add it back to the Control Center.
Possibility of Forgetting How to Re-AddIf you don’t often tinker with your Control Center settings, you might forget how to re-add the screen recording button when you do need it.

Video About iPhone Recordings

Additional Information

When removing the screen recording button from your iPhone 15’s Control Center, it’s important to remember that you’re not disabling the feature entirely. The function is still available in your iPhone; it’s just not as readily accessible. This means that you can always add it back should you find yourself in a situation where screen recording is necessary.

Additionally, for those who may be concerned about privacy, removing the screen recording button can provide peace of mind. There will be no risk of unintentionally recording sensitive information that might be displayed on your screen. It’s also worth noting that if you are someone who uses screen recording for work or content creation, you might want to consider whether the convenience of having the button in the Control Center outweighs the benefits of removing it.

Remember, the iPhone 15 is all about customization and making the phone work for you. So don’t be afraid to play around with the settings and find what combination of controls suits your lifestyle best.


  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Select ‘Control Center.’
  3. Find ‘Screen Recording’ under ‘Included Controls.’
  4. Tap the minus symbol and confirm by tapping ‘Remove.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing the screen recording button disable the feature?

No, the screen recording feature is not disabled; it’s just removed from the Control Center for quick access.

Can I add the screen recording button back to the Control Center?

Yes, you can add the screen recording button back at any time by going into ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Control Center,’ and tapping the plus (+) symbol next to ‘Screen Recording.’

Will removing the screen recording button free up storage space on my device?

Not directly, but it can prevent accidental recordings that take up unnecessary space.

Is there a shortcut to add the screen recording button back if I need it quickly?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to go through the ‘Settings’ app to add it back to the Control Center.

Can I rearrange the order of buttons in the Control Center?

Yes, you can rearrange the order of the buttons by holding and dragging the three-line icon next to each control in the ‘Settings’ menu.


Customizing your iPhone 15 is a powerful way to ensure your device works for you and not the other way around. Removing the screen recording button from the Control Center can prevent accidental recordings, declutter your interface, and enhance your overall user experience. While it may come with a few drawbacks, the pros often outweigh the cons for those who do not frequently use this feature.

Remember, the Control Center on your iPhone 15 is a dynamic tool—play around with it and make it your own. If you ever find yourself needing to record your screen again, simply follow the steps in reverse, and you’ll be good to go. Happy customizing!

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