How to Enable or Disable Character Count for Messages on iPhone 14

Enabling or disabling the character count for messages on iPhone 14 can be accomplished through a few simple steps. Navigate to the Settings app, scroll down, and tap on “Messages”. Once you’re in the Messages settings, find and tap on “Character Count” to toggle it on or off.

After completing this action, if you’ve enabled the character count, you’ll see a small number appear just above the send button in your messaging app, showing you the number of characters you’ve typed. If you’ve disabled it, this number will no longer be visible.

You can also watch this video about how to change the iPhone 14 character count setting for more on this topic.


Sending text messages has become an integral part of our daily communication. Whether it’s chatting with friends, making plans, or coordinating with colleagues, we rely on texting to stay connected. But sometimes, especially when you’re limited on how much you can write (like with SMS), keeping track of your character count becomes crucial. This is where the iPhone 14’s character count feature comes in handy.

Enabling this feature helps you monitor how lengthy your messages are, ensuring that you stay within the limit and avoid sending multiple messages when it’s not necessary. For some users, particularly those who prefer to keep their communications short and sweet, this feature is a godsend. But not everyone finds it useful, and some may even find it distracting. That’s why Apple has made it optional, allowing users to enable or disable it based on their preference.

This article is relevant to iPhone 14 users who want to take control of their messaging experience, ensuring they communicate as efficiently as possible.

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Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to and open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 14.

This is the starting point for most customization and configuration tasks on your iPhone, including enabling or disabling the character count for messages. Once in Settings, you will have access to a variety of options and features that you can adjust to your liking.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Tap on “Messages”

In the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Messages” option and tap on it.

This will take you to a new screen with various options related to messaging. Here, you can adjust settings like iMessage, SMS, MMS, and more.

Step 3: Find and Tap on “Character Count”

Once you’re in the Messages settings, scroll down until you find the “Character Count” option.

This is the setting you need to adjust in order to enable or disable the character count for your messages.

Step 4: Toggle Character Count On or Off

Tap on the “Character Count” option to toggle it on or off.

If the switch next to “Character Count” is green, it means that the feature is enabled. If it’s grey, it’s disabled. Simply tap on the switch to change its status.


Visibility and Awareness

Enabling character count gives you immediate visibility of how long your messages are.

This is especially beneficial when you’re trying to be concise or when you’re sending SMS messages, which have a character limit. Being aware of your character count helps ensure that your message is delivered as intended.

Avoiding Additional Charges

Keeping track of your character count can help avoid additional charges for sending multiple SMS messages.

Some carriers charge per message or have limits on how many characters a single message can contain. By being aware of your character count, you can avoid going over these limits and potentially save money.

Improved Communication

Being mindful of how long your messages are can lead to more thoughtful and effective communication.

Sometimes, less is more, and being concise can help get your message across more clearly. The character count feature supports this by helping you be more aware of your message length.


Potential Distraction

For some users, having the character count visible can be a distraction.

Instead of focusing on the content of the message, some might find themselves constantly watching the character count, which could disrupt the flow of communication.

Not Always Necessary

For many users, particularly those who send shorter messages or use iMessage, a character count is not necessary.

The character limit for SMS (160 characters) is generally not an issue for short, quick messages, and iMessage does not have the same character restrictions.

Takes Up Screen Space

The character count feature takes up a small amount of screen space, which might be a drawback for some users.

On the iPhone 14’s spacious screen, this is usually not a problem, but for users who prefer a minimalist display, it might be an unwelcome addition.

Video About Message Character Count

Additional Information

While the character count feature is straightforward, it’s part of a larger ecosystem of settings that allow users to customize their messaging experience on the iPhone 14. It’s worth exploring other related settings, such as message previews, read receipts, and text message forwarding, to fully tailor your device to your needs. Additionally, it’s important to note that the character count feature only counts characters, not words or sentences. So if you’re aiming for a specific word count, you might need to use a separate tool or app. Finally, while this article focuses on the iPhone 14, the steps and information provided are also applicable to other iPhone models running the same or similar iOS versions.


  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 14.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Messages.”
  3. Find and tap on “Character Count.”
  4. Toggle the character count feature on or off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does enabling character count also show word count?

No, the character count feature on iPhone only shows the number of characters in a message, not the number of words.

Is there a limit to the number of characters in an iMessage?

iMessage does not have the same character limits as SMS. You can send much longer messages without them being split up.

Does character count include spaces and punctuation?

Yes, the character count includes all characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks.

Can I enable character count for specific conversations only?

No, the character count setting applies to all messages, not specific conversations or contacts.

Does enabling character count affect how my messages are sent or received?

No, enabling or disabling character count does not affect the delivery of your messages; it only changes whether or not the character count is visible to you.


Understanding how to enable or disable character count for messages on your iPhone 14 is a small but significant part of mastering your device’s messaging capabilities. Whether you prefer to keep it on for better control and awareness of your message length, or choose to turn it off for a cleaner, distraction-free interface, the choice is yours. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily toggle this feature on or off as you see fit, tailoring your messaging experience to your personal preferences and needs. Remember that this is just one of the many settings available to you, and taking the time to explore and understand them can help you make the most out of your iPhone 14. So go ahead, dive into the settings, and start personalizing your device today!