How to Check Word Count on Google Docs Shortcut: Quick and Easy Guide

Checking the word count in Google Docs is a super easy task that can be completed in just a few clicks or keystrokes. Whether you are working on an essay, a report, or a blog post, knowing the word count can help you stay within limits or track your progress. In this article, you’ll learn a quick way to get the word count using a straightforward shortcut.

How to Check Word Count on Google Docs Shortcut

In this section, we’ll cover each step to check the word count in Google Docs using a keyboard shortcut. This method will save you time and effort, letting you focus more on your writing.

Step 1: Open Your Document

Open your Google Docs document that you need to check.

Make sure the document is loaded and you can see the text. Click anywhere within the document to ensure it’s the active window.

Step 2: Select the Text (Optional)

If you only want the word count for a specific section, highlight that text.

Click and drag your mouse over the portion of text you want to count. If you want the word count for the entire document, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Use the Shortcut

Press Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows) or Command + Shift + C (Mac).

This keyboard shortcut instantly brings up a box showing the word count, page count, character count, and more.

Step 4: Review the Word Count Box

A small window will appear showing various counts, including the number of words.

This box will display the word count for the entire document or just the selected text if you highlighted any.

Step 5: Close the Word Count Box

Click ‘OK’ or press the ‘Esc’ key to close the word count box.

You can now continue working on your document, having checked the word count.

After completing these steps, you’ll see a small window that includes the word count, character count (with and without spaces), and page count. This window gives you an instant overview of your document’s length.

Tips for Checking Word Count on Google Docs Shortcut

  • Use the shortcut regularly to track your progress as you write.
  • For specific sections, highlight the text first before using the shortcut.
  • Familiarize yourself with other Google Docs shortcuts to save time.
  • Keep the word count box open while writing for ongoing tracking.
  • Remember that the word count updates in real-time as you edit your document.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the word count for a specific section of my document?

Simply highlight the text you want to check before using the Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows) or Command + Shift + C (Mac) shortcut.

Is there a way to keep the word count displayed as I type?

Yes, you can keep the word count box open by checking the "Display word count while typing" option in the word count window.

Does Google Docs include footnotes in the word count?

No, footnotes are not included in the word count.

Can I check the word count on the Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, but the steps are different. Go to the menu, select "Word count," and it will display the count.

Are there other ways to check the word count in Google Docs?

Yes, you can also find the word count under the "Tools" menu, but the shortcut is quicker.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open your document.
  2. Select the text (optional).
  3. Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows) or Command + Shift + C (Mac).
  4. Review the word count box.
  5. Close the word count box.


Knowing how to check the word count in Google Docs using a shortcut can significantly streamline your writing process. Not only does this method save you time, but it also ensures that you stay on track with any word limits or goals you have set for your document. The steps are straightforward and easy to remember, making it a handy tool for anyone who writes regularly.

If you found this guide useful, why not explore other Google Docs features that can enhance your productivity? From voice typing to advanced formatting options, Google Docs has a lot to offer. Stay on top of your writing projects by mastering these simple yet powerful tools. Happy writing!