How to Change Google Dialer to MIUI Dialer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the dialer on your phone might seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple! If you’re not a fan of the Google dialer that comes on many Android phones and prefer the MIUI dialer, you’re in luck. In less than five minutes, you can have your phone’s dialer switched over, and be making calls using the MIUI dialer instead. Let’s get started!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Change Google Dialer to MIUI Dialer

Before we start, it’s important to note that you’ll need to have a Xiaomi device with MIUI already installed to complete these steps. If you’ve got that, you’re good to go!

Step 1: Download the MIUI Dialer APK

First things first, you’ll need to download the MIUI dialer APK file. This is the installation file that will put the MIUI dialer on your phone.

Downloading the APK is like getting the keys to your new dialer. You can find the MIUI dialer APK on various websites, but make sure to download it from a trusted source to avoid any potential security risks.

Step 2: Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

Before you can install the MIUI dialer, you’ll need to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

This step is like opening the door for the MIUI dialer to enter. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, then to the ‘Security’ section, and toggle on ‘Unknown sources’. Remember to turn this off once you’ve installed the dialer for added security.

Step 3: Install the MIUI Dialer APK

Now that you’ve got your APK downloaded and your phone ready to accept it, it’s time to install it.

This is the moment of truth – just open the APK file you downloaded, and your phone will do the rest. You’ll have the MIUI dialer up and running in no time.

Step 4: Set MIUI Dialer as Default

The final step is to make sure that your phone uses the MIUI dialer to make calls by default.

Go into your phone’s settings, search for ‘Apps & notifications’, then choose ‘Default apps’. Here, you’ll be able to select the MIUI Dialer as your default phone app.

After completing these steps, your phone will now use the MIUI dialer for all your calling needs! You’ll be able to enjoy all the features that come with it, such as call recording and the ability to identify unknown numbers.

Tips: Making the Most of Your MIUI Dialer

  • Make sure your Xiaomi device is running the latest version of MIUI for the best performance.
  • After installing the MIUI dialer, restart your phone to ensure that all the features work correctly.
  • Customize the MIUI dialer settings to fit your preferences – you can change things like the dial pad tones and the call background.
  • If you run into any issues, try clearing the cache and data of the MIUI dialer app in your phone’s settings.
  • Explore additional MIUI apps that can enhance your experience, such as the MIUI messaging app or the MIUI contacts app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the MIUI dialer on any Android phone?

The MIUI dialer is designed to work best on Xiaomi devices. If you have a different brand, you might face compatibility issues.

Is it safe to download the MIUI dialer APK from the internet?

As long as you download the APK from a reputable source, it should be safe. Always be cautious and make sure you trust the website you’re downloading from.

Will changing my dialer affect my contacts?

No, your contacts are stored separately from your dialer app, so they will remain unaffected when you switch.

Can I switch back to the Google dialer if I don’t like the MIUI dialer?

Absolutely! You can always go back to your phone’s default dialer by following similar steps in the settings menu.

What are the benefits of using the MIUI dialer?

The MIUI dialer offers features like call recording, smart messaging, and a more customizable user interface.


  1. Download the MIUI Dialer APK
  2. Enable installation from unknown sources
  3. Install the MIUI Dialer APK
  4. Set MIUI Dialer as the default phone app


Changing your phone’s dialer might seem like a minor tweak, but it can significantly impact your daily usage. The MIUI dialer offers an array of features that many users find invaluable, and switching from the Google dialer to the MIUI dialer can be a game-changer. With the simple steps outlined above, you can make the switch effortlessly and start enjoying a more personalized and feature-rich calling experience.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and make your phone truly yours. With the MIUI dialer, you have the power to tailor your calling experience exactly how you want it. And if you ever change your mind, no problem! It’s just as easy to switch back. Happy calling!