How to Create a New User in WordPress

When you first create a new WordPress site, you are added as a user to that site. Typically, if you are the one that created the site, you are probably an “Administrator” user type. this allows you to edit everything about the site, and it gives you the ability to add new users.

These new users can then perform various tasks on the site, such as creating new posts or editing existing ones, depending on the permissions you give them.

Even if you changed the settings for your site so that people couldn’t sign up as new users on their own, you still have the ability to add new users manually. This will become important if you have an SEO consultant, author, or even another administrator to whom you want to give access to your site. Our tutorial below will show you how to create a new user in WordPress.

How to Make a New User Account in WordPress

The steps in this article will show you how to create a new user account in WordPress. You have several options during this process, including the ability to manually create a password, or notify the new user about their account by email. Additionally, one important element to consider during new user creation is the role that you are giving the user. Unless you know specifically that you want to make the new user an Administrator (which gives them full editing capabilities over the site) it’s safer to assign a lower-level user type.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Admin panel at, but replace the “” part with your site’s domain name.

Step 2: Select the Users option in the left panel, then click the Add New option.

how to create a new wordpress user

Step 3: Fill out the fields on this screen, then click the blue Add New User button. If you click the Show Password button you can see the auto-generated password, or you can delete it and enter your own custom password. As mentioned previously, be sure to click the dropdown menu to the right of Role and select the desired user type.

how to add a new user in wordpress

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