how to add a new user in wordpress

How to Create a New User in WordPress

When you first create a new WordPress site, you are added as a user to that site. Typically, if you are the one that created the site, you are probably an “Administrator” user type. this allows you to edit everything about the site, and it gives you the ability to add new users. Even if … Read more

how to create a new menu in wordpress

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

One of the most important elements of a new website is the navigation. Good navigation can take several different forms, but most WordPress site owners will incorporate at least one menu into their site so that visitors can find their way around. But your new site probably doesn’t have a menu yet and, depending on … Read more

how to create a new post category in wordpress

How to Create a New Post Category in WordPress

Using categorization for the posts you create in WordPress makes it easier for your visitors to find your posts. But these categories don’t exist automatically, and it’s very possible that you might discover you want another category after you have initially set up the site. Fortunately WordPress is very flexible with its design, and you … Read more

how to delete a plugin in wordpress

How to Delete a Plugin in WordPress

WordPress can do a lot of things right out of the box, with very little customization. But you can really accomplish a lot when you start incorporating plugins into your site. WordPress plugins often additional functionality that can let you integrate social media, build tables, or even turn your WordPress site into an ecommerce store. … Read more

how to schedule a post in wordpress

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly popular option when it comes to building your own website. Most Web hosts offer a one-click WordPress solution, there are a very high number of support articles and websites dedicated to help you with with any problems you encounter, and there are a lot of themes and plugins that can help … Read more