iOS 17: How to Block Notifications from Unknown Senders on iPhone

Are you tired of getting bombarded with notifications from unknown senders on your iPhone? Well, you’re in luck because iOS 17 has made it easier than ever to block these pesky interruptions. With just a few simple steps, you can have a more peaceful and distraction-free phone experience.

You can also check out this video about how to block notifications from unknown senders on iPhone for more on this topic.

iOS 17 How to Block Notifications from Unknown Senders

Before we dive into the step-by-step tutorial, let’s talk about what we’re aiming to achieve. Blocking notifications from unknown senders means that any alerts from people or numbers not saved in your contacts will be silenced. This can help reduce clutter and stress, keeping your notification center focused on the important stuff.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the settings app on your iPhone.

The settings app is your command center for all things iPhone. It’s the place where you can tweak and customize your device to your liking.

Step 2: Tap on Messages

Scroll down and find the ‘Messages’ option, then tap on it.

In the Messages settings, you can adjust various features related to text messaging, including notifications.

Step 3: Scroll to ‘Unknown & Spam’

Within the Messages settings, locate the ‘Unknown & Spam’ section.

This is where you’ll find settings specifically aimed at managing messages from unknown senders and potential spam.

Step 4: Toggle on ‘Filter Unknown Senders’

Switch the toggle next to ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ to the on position.

By turning this on, notifications from unknown senders will be sent to a separate list within your Messages app, rather than popping up as alerts.

After completing these steps, you’ll no longer receive notifications from numbers not saved in your contacts. Instead, these messages will be filtered into the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab within your Messages app, where you can review them at your leisure. This feature doesn’t delete the messages; it just keeps them out of sight and out of mind until you’re ready to deal with them.

Tips for Managing Notifications on iPhone with iOS 17

  • Customize your ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings for further control over notifications.
  • Regularly review and clean your ‘Unknown Senders’ tab to prevent clutter.
  • Save important contacts to ensure their notifications are never missed.
  • Use the ‘Report Junk’ feature to help Apple improve spam detection.
  • Explore other notification settings for each app to fine-tune your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will blocking notifications from unknown senders block their messages too?

No, the messages will still be received but will be filtered into the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab.

Can I still see messages from unknown senders if I block notifications?

Yes, you can view these messages anytime by visiting the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab in your Messages app.

What if I receive an important message from an unknown sender?

You can regularly check the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab or save the contact to ensure notifications come through.

Does this feature also block calls from unknown numbers?

No, this specifically relates to text message notifications. Calls from unknown numbers have separate settings.

Can I turn off this feature if I change my mind?

Yes, you can follow the same steps and toggle off ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ to resume receiving notifications.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Messages
  3. Scroll to ‘Unknown & Spam’
  4. Toggle on ‘Filter Unknown Senders’


Blocking notifications from unknown senders on iPhone using iOS 17 is a straightforward process that can significantly improve your mobile experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your attention is only drawn to the people and conversations that matter most to you. The additional tips provided can help you to further refine your notification preferences, giving you even greater control over your iPhone’s functionality. Remember, technology is here to serve you, not the other way around. Take charge of your notifications and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a less cluttered notification center. If you ever find the need to reverse these changes, the flexibility of iOS 17 makes it easy to tweak settings to your preference. So go ahead, block those unknown senders, and embrace a more focused and serene digital life.