How to Make Jeopardy on Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Jeopardy game on Google Slides can turn any regular presentation into an interactive and fun experience. With Google Slides, you can design your own categories, questions, and answers, making it perfect for classrooms, parties, or team-building activities. Here’s how to do it step by step.

How to Make Jeopardy on Google Slides

Creating a Jeopardy game on Google Slides involves setting up your slides with categories and questions, linking slides for navigation, and adding final touches. By following these steps, you’ll create a fully interactive game that mimics the classic TV show.

Step 1: Create a New Google Slides Presentation

First, open Google Slides and create a new presentation.

You can do this by going to your Google Drive, clicking on "New," and selecting "Google Slides." This will give you a blank canvas to start your Jeopardy game.

Step 2: Title Your Presentation

Label your presentation with a title that reflects the theme of your Jeopardy game.

This helps set the tone for your audience and gives them a clear idea of what to expect. For example, "Science Jeopardy" or "History Trivia."

Step 3: Design the Game Board Slide

Create a single slide with a table layout to represent your game board.

Use the table feature to make a grid with categories at the top and point values underneath. Each cell will eventually link to a question slide.

Step 4: Add Categories and Point Values

Fill in the top row with your chosen categories and the cells below with point values.

Think of categories relevant to your audience. Popular choice categories might include "Math," "Geography," or "Pop Culture," paired with point values like 100, 200, 300, etc.

Step 5: Create Question Slides

For each point value, create a corresponding slide with the question and answer.

This will involve creating multiple slides—one for each question. Label each slide with the category and point value for easy reference.

Step 6: Link Game Board to Question Slides

Go back to your game board slide and link each cell to its corresponding question slide.

Select the text in a cell, click the "Insert link" button, and choose the appropriate slide. This makes the game interactive and easy to navigate.

Step 7: Add Navigation Buttons

On each question slide, add a button or text that links back to the game board slide.

This ensures players can return to the main board after answering each question. You can do this by inserting a shape or text and linking it back to the game board slide.

Step 8: Test Your Jeopardy Game

Run through your presentation to ensure all links and slides work correctly.

It’s essential to check that clicking on each point value leads to the right question slide and that the return link brings you back to the board.

After completing these steps, your Jeopardy game is ready for action. You’ll find it’s fun and engaging for all participants.

Tips for Making Jeopardy on Google Slides

  • Make sure your categories are varied to keep players interested.
  • Add images or videos to your question slides for a richer experience.
  • Use a consistent color scheme to make your game visually appealing.
  • Incorporate a Final Jeopardy question with a wager option for an exciting twist.
  • Save a copy of your template to reuse and modify for future games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link slides in Google Slides?

Highlight the text or object you want to link, click the "Insert link" button, and choose the slide you want to link to.

Can I add animations to my Jeopardy game?

Yes, you can add animations to text or objects to make your game more dynamic and exciting.

How many categories should I have?

Typically, five categories are used, but you can adjust the number according to your needs and the length of your game.

Is it possible to play Jeopardy on Google Slides remotely?

Absolutely! You can share your screen using tools like Zoom or Google Meet to play with remote participants.

Can I use Google Slides Jeopardy for subjects other than trivia?

Yes, Jeopardy on Google Slides can be adapted for educational purposes, team-building exercises, or any other interactive presentation.


  1. Create a new Google Slides presentation.
  2. Title your presentation.
  3. Design the game board slide.
  4. Add categories and point values.
  5. Create question slides.
  6. Link the game board to question slides.
  7. Add navigation buttons.
  8. Test your Jeopardy game.


Making Jeopardy on Google Slides is a creative way to make learning or presenting information fun and interactive. Whether you’re a teacher looking to engage students, a manager aiming to boost team morale, or just someone wanting to add some excitement to a gathering, Jeopardy on Google Slides is a versatile tool. By following the steps and tips provided, you can create a custom game that will captivate your audience and make the information more memorable. Try it out, and you might find yourself becoming the go-to person for fun and educational activities!