How to Delete Comments in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Documents

If you’re looking to clean up your Word document by getting rid of those pesky comments, you’re in the right place. Deleting comments in Microsoft Word is a straightforward task. By following a few simple steps, you can remove any unwanted feedback or notes, ensuring your document looks polished and professional.

How to Delete Comments in Word

Deleting comments in Word is crucial if you want a clean and distraction-free document. Here’s how to remove comments efficiently.

Step 1: Open Your Word Document

Open the document that contains the comments you want to delete.

When you first open the document, make sure it’s the correct one with the comments you need to remove. Double-check the file name and contents.

Step 2: Go to the Review Tab

Click on the "Review" tab at the top of the Word window.

This tab houses all tools related to comments, tracking changes, and reviewing. It’s your control center for this task.

Step 3: Navigate to the Comments Section

Find the "Comments" section within the Review tab.

The Comments section has multiple options like "Next," "Previous," "Delete," and "Show Comments." These will help you navigate and manage your comments.

Step 4: Select the Comment to Delete

Click on a comment or position your cursor on the comment you want to remove.

You can do this either in the comment pane on the right or within the document where the comment bubble appears.

Step 5: Click Delete

Click the "Delete" button in the Comments section.

This will remove the selected comment. If you have multiple comments, you can click "Next" and "Previous" to navigate through and delete each one individually.

Step 6: Use "Delete All Comments"

For faster cleanup, click on the "Delete" dropdown and select "Delete All Comments in Document."

This option will wipe out all comments in one go, saving you time if your document has many comments.

After following these steps, all the selected comments will be removed from your document, leaving it clean and ready for finalization.

Tips for How to Delete Comments in Word

  • Use the Reviewing Pane: The Reviewing Pane can help you see all comments in one place, making it easier to manage them.
  • Preview Changes: Before deleting, preview other changes that might be related to the comments.
  • Bulk Delete: Use "Delete All Comments" if there are too many to delete one by one.
  • Save a Copy: Always save a copy of the original document before making major changes.
  • Track Changes: Ensure that "Track Changes" is turned off if you don’t want to monitor these deletions.

FAQ about How to Delete Comments in Word

Can I recover deleted comments?

No, once you delete comments in Word, they cannot be recovered. Always save a backup before deleting.

How do I delete comments from multiple reviewers?

The process is the same regardless of the reviewer. Select each comment and delete it individually or use the "Delete All Comments" option.

Can I delete comments in the Word mobile app?

Yes, you can delete comments in the Word mobile app, but the steps might differ slightly based on the app version.

What happens if I delete a comment by mistake?

Unfortunately, there’s no undo option for deleted comments. Always double-check before you delete.

Will deleting comments affect the document’s formatting?

No, deleting comments will not affect the document’s formatting. It only removes the annotations.

Summary of How to Delete Comments in Word

  1. Open your Word Document.
  2. Go to the Review Tab.
  3. Navigate to the Comments Section.
  4. Select the Comment to Delete.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Use "Delete All Comments" for bulk removal.


Deleting comments in Word is an essential task to finalize and clean up your document. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily remove any unnecessary notes and feedback. Always remember to save a copy before making changes, just in case you need to reference the original comments later. Cleaning up your document not only makes it look more professional but also ensures that no residual comments interfere with the final presentation.

Keep in mind that while this guide focuses on removing comments, Word offers a suite of other tools to help you perfect your document. Feel free to explore and make the most of them. Happy editing!