How to Set Reminders on Windows 11: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Setting reminders on Windows 11 is super easy and helps you stay on top of your tasks. You can use the built-in apps like Microsoft To Do and Cortana. All you need to do is open the app, set your reminder, and get notified at the right time. Here’s a detailed walkthrough.

How to Set Reminders on Windows 11

Setting reminders on Windows 11 ensures you never miss important tasks. Follow these steps to create reminders using Microsoft To Do and Cortana.

Step 1: Open Microsoft To Do

Open the Microsoft To Do app from the Start menu.

Microsoft To Do is a powerful task management app that comes pre-installed with Windows 11. If you don’t see it, you can easily download it from the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Sign In

Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Using your Microsoft account allows you to sync your reminders across all your devices. This way, you can access your reminders on other devices where you’re signed in.

Step 3: Create a New Task

Click on the “+ Add a task” button.

This button is located at the bottom of the To Do app. Clicking it will open a text box where you can type your task.

Step 4: Set a Due Date

Click on the task you just created, then set a due date and time.

After creating a task, click on it to open more options. You’ll see a calendar icon where you can select the due date and set a specific time.

Step 5: Use Cortana for Voice Reminders

Activate Cortana by saying, “Hey Cortana, remind me to…” followed by your task.

Cortana can set reminders using voice commands. Make sure Cortana is activated on your device. This feature is especially useful if you prefer hands-free options.

After following these steps, your reminders will alert you at the designated times, ensuring you stay organized.

Tips for Setting Reminders on Windows 11

  • Use Clear Titles: Make your task descriptions specific and clear to avoid confusion later.
  • Set Priorities: Use the priority feature in Microsoft To Do to rank your reminders by importance.
  • Recurring Reminders: For repeated tasks, set the reminder to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Use Categories: Organize your tasks into different lists like work, personal, or groceries for better management.
  • Sync Across Devices: Ensure you’re logged into the same Microsoft account on all devices to keep your reminders synced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit a reminder?

Click on the task in Microsoft To Do, and you can change the title, due date, and time.

Can I delete a reminder?

Yes, simply right-click on the task and select "Delete" from the menu.

What if I don’t have Microsoft To Do?

You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store or use Cortana for quick reminders.

Are there alternatives to Microsoft To Do?

Yes, you can use other apps like OneNote or third-party apps like Todoist for setting reminders.

Can I set reminders for specific times?

Absolutely, when setting the due date, you can also specify the exact time you want to be reminded.


  1. Open Microsoft To Do.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Create a new task.
  4. Set a due date.
  5. Use Cortana for voice reminders.


Setting reminders on Windows 11 is a breeze and can make a huge difference in managing your daily tasks. Whether you use Microsoft To Do or Cortana, you’ll find the process straightforward and effective. Staying organized has never been this easy. Employ these steps and tips to stay ahead of your tasks and never miss an important deadline again. For further reading, explore more features of Microsoft To Do or discover other task management apps that might suit your needs better. Happy organizing!