How to Remove Microsoft 365 Account from Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing a Microsoft 365 account from Windows 11 is a straightforward process that involves navigating through your system settings. By following a few simple steps, you can successfully detach the Microsoft 365 account from your device. This guide will outline the necessary steps and offer additional tips, frequently asked questions, and a summary to ensure you have all the information you need.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Remove Microsoft 365 Account from Windows 11

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps needed to remove a Microsoft 365 account from your Windows 11 computer. This process will help you disconnect the account, ensuring it no longer syncs or has access to your device.

Step 1: Open Settings

The first step is to access the Settings app.

Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app quickly. This shortcut is a time-saver and gets you right into the system’s core settings.

Step 2: Go to Accounts

Next, navigate to the Accounts section.

In the Settings app, click on "Accounts" in the left-hand menu. This is where you manage all account-related settings, including email and user info.

Step 3: Access Email & Accounts

Now, locate the Email & Accounts settings.

Within the Accounts section, find and click on "Email & accounts." This menu allows you to manage your connected accounts, including Microsoft 365.

Step 4: Select the Microsoft 365 Account

Identify the account you want to remove.

Under "Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts," locate your Microsoft 365 account. Click on it to reveal more options.

Step 5: Remove the Account

Proceed to remove the account.

Click on the "Remove" button that appears next to your Microsoft 365 account. A confirmation dialog will pop up to ensure you want to proceed with this action.

Step 6: Confirm the Removal

Confirm that you want to remove the account.

In the confirmation dialog, click "Yes" to finalize the removal. This step ensures you don’t accidentally delete an account you still need.

After completing these steps, your Microsoft 365 account will be removed from your Windows 11 device. This means the account will no longer be connected, and you won’t receive emails, calendar events, or other synced data from this account.

Tips: How to Remove Microsoft 365 Account from Windows 11

  • Ensure you back up any important data connected to your Microsoft 365 account before removal, as this process will delete locally stored information.
  • If you encounter issues removing the account, try restarting your computer and repeating the steps.
  • Remember to sign out of any Microsoft apps like Office or OneDrive that might still be linked to the account.
  • If you’re planning to add a different Microsoft 365 account, you can do so immediately after removing the old one.
  • Check your Device Manager settings to ensure no lingering connections to the removed account.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Remove Microsoft 365 Account from Windows 11

How do I know if the account has been successfully removed?

After following the steps, the account should no longer appear in the Email & Accounts section. You can double-check by revisiting this menu.

Will removing the account delete my emails and files?

Yes, any emails and files synced with the Microsoft 365 account will be removed from your local device. Ensure you back up any important data beforehand.

Can I add the account back after removal?

Yes, you can re-add the Microsoft 365 account at any time by going to the Email & Accounts section and selecting "Add an account."

Are there any risks involved?

The primary risk is losing access to any data synced with the account. Always back up crucial information before proceeding.

What if the remove button is greyed out?

If the remove button is greyed out, ensure you have administrator rights on the device. You may also need to sign out from all associated Microsoft apps.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Access Email & Accounts.
  4. Select the Microsoft 365 Account.
  5. Remove the Account.
  6. Confirm the Removal.


Removing a Microsoft 365 account from Windows 11 is a fairly easy process, but it’s important to follow each step carefully to ensure all associated data is handled correctly. This guide provided a detailed, step-by-step tutorial, along with useful tips and answers to common questions.

By following the steps outlined, you’ll successfully remove your Microsoft 365 account, freeing your device from any unwanted connections. Remember, backing up your data is crucial to avoid any accidental loss. If you need to manage multiple accounts or troubleshoot, the tips section offers additional guidance.

If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring more articles on managing accounts and optimizing your Windows 11 experience. Happy computing!