How to Print Multiple Labels in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Print Multiple Labels in Word

Printing multiple labels in Word is a breeze once you know the steps. Essentially, you’ll set up your label template, input your data, and send it to print. It’s a straightforward process that saves you tons of time, especially if you’re handling bulk mail or organizing items.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Printing Multiple Labels in Word

This step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up and printing multiple labels in Word. Whether you’re making address labels or product tags, this method has got you covered.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word on your computer.

Just double-click the Word icon on your desktop or find it in your Start menu. You’ll need a blank document to start with.

Step 2: Go to the Mailings Tab

Click on the "Mailings" tab in the toolbar.

This tab is your gateway to all things mail-related in Word. It’s where we’ll access the labels function.

Step 3: Click on Labels

In the Mailings tab, click "Labels."

The Labels option will open a box where you can set up your label layout. It’s like the control center for your labels.

Step 4: Choose Your Label Options

Click "Options" in the Labels box to select the label size and type.

Here, you can select the brand and product number that matches your label sheets. Word has many pre-loaded templates for popular brands like Avery.

Step 5: Set Up a New Document

Click "New Document" to create a page with your label layout.

This will generate a new Word document that mimics the layout of your label sheet, making it easier to visualize.

Step 6: Input Your Data

Type in the information you want on each label.

You can manually enter each label’s information or use the "Mail Merge" feature if you have a large list of addresses or data.

Step 7: Adjust Formatting

Format the text as needed to make sure it fits perfectly on the labels.

Use Word’s formatting tools to adjust fonts, sizes, and alignments. You want your labels to be both readable and professional-looking.

Step 8: Print Your Labels

Go to "File" > "Print" to print your labels.

Make sure your label sheets are loaded correctly in the printer. Double-check the print preview to ensure everything looks right before hitting print.

After completing these steps, your printer will produce beautiful, organized labels ready for use.

Tips for Printing Multiple Labels in Word

  • Check Your Printer Settings: Always make sure your printer settings match the type of label paper you’re using.
  • Test Print First: Do a test print on regular paper to avoid wasting label sheets.
  • Use High-Quality Paper: For best results, use high-quality label paper that’s compatible with your printer.
  • Save Your Template: Save your label template for future use. It saves time if you ever need to print the same labels again.
  • Review and Edit: Always review your label data and formatting before printing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Printing Multiple Labels in Word

How do I find the correct label template?

Most label sheets have a product number. You can find this number in the "Options" section under the "Labels" tab in Word.

Can I use Mail Merge for labels?

Yes, Mail Merge is a great tool for automating the input of large lists of names, addresses, or other data onto your labels.

What should I do if my labels don’t align properly?

Make sure your printer settings match the type of label paper. Also, check that you’re using the correct template for your label product number.

How do I save label settings for future use?

After setting up your labels, save the document as a template. This way, you can reuse the same settings without starting from scratch.

Can I add graphics to my labels?

Yes, you can insert images or logos just like you would in a regular Word document. Just make sure they fit within the label boundaries.


  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to the Mailings Tab.
  3. Click on Labels.
  4. Choose Your Label Options.
  5. Set Up a New Document.
  6. Input Your Data.
  7. Adjust Formatting.
  8. Print Your Labels.


Printing multiple labels in Word can seem like a daunting task, but breaking it down into these simple steps makes it easy to manage. From opening the program to adjusting your printer settings, each step is designed to guide you seamlessly through the process. Remember to double-check your settings and do a test print to avoid any mishaps.

The method is versatile, allowing you to create anything from mailing labels to product tags. Once you’ve mastered these steps, you’ll find that printing labels is not just easy, but also incredibly efficient. If you’re keen to explore more, Word offers additional customization features, such as inserting images or linking to external databases for even more complex labeling needs.

So, why not give it a try? Start printing your multiple labels in Word today and make your labeling tasks more efficient and professional.