How to Make iPhone Ringtones on a PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making iPhone ringtones on a PC might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is the latest version of iTunes and a bit of patience. You’ll select a song, trim it down to your desired snippet, convert the file, and then sync it to your iPhone. In a few short steps, you’ll have a custom ringtone ready to go.

After completing the process, you will have a personalized ringtone that will make your iPhone stand out. Every time your phone rings, you’ll hear your favorite tune, making it easier to identify your calls.


Are you tired of the same old ringtones on your iPhone? Want to add a personal touch to your calls? Look no further because making your own iPhone ringtones on a PC is easier than you think! No more settling for the basic tones that everyone else has; it’s time to stand out in the crowd with a ringtone that’s uniquely yours.

Custom ringtones can reflect your personality, your current favorite song, or even serve as an inside joke with friends. Having a distinctive ringtone means you’ll always know when it’s your phone ringing, even in a crowded room. This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to personalize their iPhone without the hassle of buying ringtones or subscribing to a service. Let’s dive in and create that perfect tone for your calls!

Step by Step Tutorial: Creating iPhone Ringtones on a PC

Before we begin, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a ringtone from your favorite song.

Step 1: Choose a Song

Select a song from your iTunes library that you want to convert into a ringtone.

Choosing a song might seem simple, but remember, the best ringtones come from parts of a song with a clear, catchy hook or melody. Instrumental sections work great too. Make sure the song is already downloaded to your iTunes library.

Step 2: Trim the Song

Using iTunes, trim the song to your desired 30-second snippet that will become your ringtone.

This is where you get to be a bit of a DJ. Trim the song down to just the part you want to hear when your phone rings. iTunes has an easy-to-use feature that allows you to select the start and stop times of your new tone. Be precise; even a second makes a difference!

Step 3: Convert the Song to AAC Format

Convert the trimmed song into an AAC file, which is the format Apple uses for ringtones.

iTunes uses the AAC format for songs, but your trimmed piece will initially be an MP3 file. Converting is straightforward: right-click the song and choose the conversion option. The result will be a duplicate song in your library in the desired format.

Step 4: Rename and Change the File Extension

Find the AAC file in your iTunes Media folder, rename it and change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.

This step is crucial because .m4r is the extension for ringtones on iPhones. You’ll need to show file extensions on your PC to change it. Once you’ve renamed the file, it’s almost ready to be moved to your iPhone.

Step 5: Add the Ringtone to Your iPhone

Drag the .m4r file into iTunes and sync your iPhone to transfer the new ringtone to your device.

With the .m4r file in iTunes, you simply need to connect your iPhone to your PC and sync it. Make sure ringtones are set to sync, and your new tone will appear on your iPhone under “Sounds & Haptics” in your settings.


PersonalizationHaving a custom ringtone sets your phone apart and can reflect your personality or current mood.
Cost-EffectiveMaking your own ringtones is free, unlike purchasing them from the iTunes Store or other services.
Unlimited ChoicesYou can create a ringtone from any song or sound, giving you endless possibilities.

Customizing your iPhone with a ringtone that’s uniquely yours is not just fun, it’s a reflection of who you are. Whether it’s a snippet from your favorite song or a catchphrase from a beloved movie, it’s a small detail that can bring a smile to your face every time you receive a call. Plus, who doesn’t love a good conversation starter?

Choosing the DIY route for your ringtones also saves you money. Why pay for a ringtone when you can easily make one for free?


Time-ConsumingThe process requires several steps and a bit of time to get the ringtone just right.
Limited by LibraryYou can only make ringtones from songs you already own or have purchased through iTunes.
iTunes DependenceYou need to have iTunes and be familiar with its functions to make a ringtone.

Creating ringtones can be a bit time-consuming, especially if you’re a perfectionist. You want to get that perfect clip of the song, and it might take a few tries to nail it.

Also, you’re limited to the music you have. If your favorite jam isn’t in your iTunes library, you can’t use it for your ringtone.

Additional Information

When making iPhone ringtones on a PC, remember to keep the ringtone under 30 seconds; anything longer won’t be recognized by your iPhone as a ringtone. Also, after syncing your phone with iTunes, make sure to set your new tone as the default or assign it to a specific contact through the ‘Sounds & Haptics’ settings on your iPhone.

Moreover, if you’re having trouble finding your newly created ringtone on your iPhone, make sure to check under “Tones” in your iTunes library before syncing. Sometimes ringtones don’t immediately show up in the iPhone settings but are present in iTunes.

Lastly, have fun with it! Making ringtones can be a creative process, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different songs and sounds. Your iPhone ringtone is a way to express yourself, so choose something that makes you happy.


  1. Choose a song from your iTunes library.
  2. Trim the song to a 30-second snippet.
  3. Convert the snippet to AAC format.
  4. Rename the file and change the extension to .m4r.
  5. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to add the new ringtone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any song for my iPhone ringtone?

Yes, you can use any song in your iTunes library to create a custom iPhone ringtone.

How long can my iPhone ringtone be?

Your iPhone ringtone should be no longer than 30 seconds.

Do I need to pay for creating my own ringtone?

No, creating your own ringtone using iTunes on your PC is completely free.

Can I set different ringtones for different contacts?

Yes, once you’ve added your custom ringtone to your iPhone, you can assign different ringtones to individual contacts through your phone’s contact settings.

What if my custom ringtone isn’t showing up on my iPhone?

Make sure you’ve correctly converted the file to AAC format, renamed it with the .m4r extension, and synced your iPhone with iTunes. Sometimes, restarting your iPhone can also help.


Making your own iPhone ringtones on a PC is not only a fun way to personalize your phone, but it’s also a conversation starter and a small piece of your identity right in your pocket.

With just a few steps on iTunes, your calls can stand out with a unique ringtone that’s all you. So why settle for the generic, when with a little creativity and a few clicks, your iPhone can truly become an extension of your personality?