How to Fix Justify Spacing in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fixing justify spacing in Word isn’t as complicated as it might seem. You’ll need to adjust the spacing settings and perhaps tweak paragraph formatting. This guide breaks down the steps to help you make text look neat and professional. Keep reading to discover how to fix justify spacing in Word easily and effectively.

How to Fix Justify Spacing in Word

In this section, we’ll go through the detailed steps you need to follow to adjust justified text in Microsoft Word. By the end of this guide, your documents will look much more polished.

Step 1: Highlight the Text

First, highlight the text you want to adjust.

Click and drag your mouse over the text, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A to select all the text in your document.

Step 2: Access the Paragraph Settings

Next, go to the Home tab on the Ribbon and click on the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Paragraph section.

This will open up the Paragraph dialog box, where you can tweak various settings to fix the justify spacing.

Step 3: Modify the Spacing

Under the Indents and Spacing tab, look for the Spacing section. Adjust the "After" spacing to control the space between paragraphs.

Setting the right "After" spacing helps avoid awkward gaps in your justified text.

Step 4: Enable Distributed Justify

In the same Paragraph dialog box, go to the Line and Page Breaks tab. Check the box for "Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style."

This ensures a more consistent look for justified text without unexpected gaps.

Step 5: Check for Manual Line Breaks

Finally, look through your text for any manual line breaks (Shift+Enter) and replace them with regular paragraph breaks (Enter).

Manual line breaks can mess up the spacing in justified text, so it’s better to use standard paragraph breaks.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your text should be evenly spaced without those annoying gaps that sometimes appear with justified text. Your documents will look more professional and easier to read.

Tips for Fixing Justify Spacing in Word

  • Adjust font size and style: Sometimes changing the font size or style can make a big difference in how text is justified.
  • Use hyphenation: Enabling hyphenation in your document can reduce large gaps by breaking words at natural hyphen points.
  • Avoid stretching text: Be cautious with the "Justify Low" option as it might stretch the text too much, making it look awkward.
  • Properly align images: If your document includes images, make sure they are properly aligned to avoid disrupting the text flow.
  • Regularly update Word: Make sure you have the latest updates for Microsoft Word to benefit from improved features and bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does justified text create large gaps?

Justified text tries to align both the left and right margins, which can create large gaps if words don’t fit perfectly.

Can I fix justify spacing in Word Online?

Yes, you can but the desktop version offers more advanced options for finer control.

What is the shortcut to justify text in Word?

You can use Ctrl+J to justify text quickly.

Is it better to use left alignment instead of justified text?

Left alignment is often easier to read, but justified text can look more professional in formal documents.

How do I enable hyphenation in Word?

Go to the Layout tab, click on Hyphenation, and select Automatic.


  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Access the Paragraph settings.
  3. Modify the spacing.
  4. Enable distributed justify.
  5. Check for manual line breaks.


Fixing justify spacing in Word is essential for creating clean and professional-looking documents. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your text is neatly aligned without awkward gaps. Remember, playing around with font sizes, enabling hyphenation, and checking for manual line breaks can make a significant difference.

If you’re creating important documents like reports or presentations, proper text alignment is crucial. Consider sharing this guide with colleagues or friends who might benefit from cleaner, more readable documents.

For further reading, Microsoft’s official support page offers additional insights and updates on formatting options. Keep practicing these steps, and soon enough, fixing justify spacing in Word will become second nature.