How to Duplicate Pages in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide to Save Time

If you’ve ever needed to duplicate pages in Microsoft Word, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re working on a detailed report or a fancy brochure, copying pages can save you lots of time. Here’s a quick rundown: you’ll be copying all the content from one page and pasting it into a new page, making sure everything looks identical. Simple, right?

How to Duplicate Pages in Word

Want to duplicate pages in Word? Follow these steps to make an exact copy of your page effortlessly.

Step 1: Open Your Document

First, open the document you want to work with.

Make sure you know exactly which page or pages you want to duplicate.

Step 2: Select the Content

Click and drag your mouse to highlight all the content on the page you want to duplicate.

Be thorough! Missing even a small part can throw off the whole duplication process.

Step 3: Copy the Content

Press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the selected content.

This action copies everything to your clipboard, where it will stay until you paste it elsewhere.

Step 4: Insert a New Page

Go to the end of the page where you want to insert a new page and press Ctrl + Enter.

This shortcut creates a new blank page without disturbing the existing content.

Step 5: Paste the Content

Click on the new page and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied content.

Your duplicated page should now appear, looking just like the original.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have a duplicate page in your Word document. You can repeat the process as many times as needed.

Tips for Duplicating Pages in Word

  • Double-Check Your Selection: Make sure you’ve highlighted all the text, images, and other elements on the page.
  • Use the Navigation Pane: This can help you quickly find the page you want to duplicate.
  • Keep Formatting Consistent: If the pasted content doesn’t look right, use the "Keep Source Formatting" option when pasting.
  • Utilize Shortcuts: Memorizing Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) can save you time.
  • Save Frequently: Keep saving your document as you go to avoid losing any work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I duplicate multiple pages at once?

Yes, by selecting all the content across several pages before copying, you can duplicate multiple pages in one go.

Will duplicating pages affect my original content?

No, duplicating pages will not change the original content. It simply creates a copy.

What if my images don’t copy correctly?

Make sure to include the images when selecting content. Sometimes it helps to copy and paste images separately.

Can I duplicate pages in Word Online?

Yes, the process is similar, but you may need to use the toolbar for copying and pasting instead of keyboard shortcuts.

Is there an easier way to duplicate pages in Word?

Currently, manually copying and pasting is the most straightforward method. However, using macros can automate the process if you’re comfortable with them.


  1. Open your document.
  2. Select the content.
  3. Copy the content.
  4. Insert a new page.
  5. Paste the content.


Duplicating pages in Word is a straightforward process that can save you loads of time and effort. By following these easy steps, you can ensure an exact copy of any page in your document without any hassle. Hopefully, this guide has demystified the process for you. For more advanced tasks or larger projects, you might want to explore additional features in Microsoft Word, such as templates or macros, which can further streamline your work. So go ahead, give it a try, and make your document editing experience smoother and more efficient. Happy writing!