How to Combine Work and Personal Google Calendars for Seamless Scheduling

Combining your work and personal Google calendars can help streamline your schedule and keep you organized. The process is straightforward: you’ll be sharing your personal calendar with your work account and vice versa, allowing you to view both calendars in one place. This ensures you never miss an important meeting or personal event again.

How to Combine Work and Personal Google Calendars

By following these steps, you will integrate your work and personal calendars so you can see all your events in one place.

Step 1: Open Your Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar on your web browser.

Head over to the Google Calendar website by typing into your browser. Make sure you’re logged in to the Google account that holds your personal calendar.

Step 2: Access Calendar Settings

Click on the gear icon and select ‘Settings’.

In the top right corner, you’ll see a gear icon. Click on it and choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. This will take you to a page where you can manage all your calendar settings.

Step 3: Share Your Personal Calendar

Go to ‘Settings for my calendars’ and choose the calendar you wish to share.

Scroll down until you find ‘Settings for my calendars’ on the left side. Click on the personal calendar you want to combine with your work calendar. Next, find the ‘Share with specific people’ section.

Step 4: Add Your Work Email

Enter your work email address and choose permission settings.

Click ‘Add people’ and type in your work email address. You can choose different levels of permissions, like ‘See all event details’ or ‘Make changes to events.’ Select the appropriate level and hit ‘Send’.

Step 5: Accept the Invitation

Log in to your work email and accept the calendar sharing invitation.

Once you send the invite, switch over to your work email and look for an invitation email from Google Calendar. Open it and click ‘Accept’, allowing you to view your personal calendar from your work account.

Step 6: Repeat for Work Calendar

Share your work calendar with your personal email in the same way.

Now, repeat the process but this time start from your work calendar and share it with your personal email. This ensures you can see work events on your personal calendar too.

After completing these steps, your work and personal calendars will be integrated. You can view and manage both calendars from either account, simplifying your scheduling process.

Tips for Combining Work and Personal Google Calendars

  • Use different colors for work and personal events to easily distinguish between the two.
  • Set up notifications for important events so you never miss anything.
  • Use the ‘Find a time’ feature to schedule new events without conflicts.
  • Check your calendars daily to stay on top of your schedule.
  • Adjust sharing permissions based on who needs to see your calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I merge multiple Google calendars into one?

No, Google doesn’t offer a direct way to merge calendars, but you can view multiple calendars in one place by sharing them as described in this article.

Will others see my personal events?

Not unless you give them specific permission to view your personal calendar.

Can I set different permissions for different people?

Yes, you can customize permissions for each person you share your calendar with.

Is it possible to sync these calendars with my phone?

Yes, your Google calendars will automatically sync with your devices as long as you’re logged into the respective Google accounts.

What if I stop sharing my calendar?

You can revoke access at any time by going into the calendar settings and removing the email address you shared it with.


  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Access Calendar Settings.
  3. Share your personal calendar.
  4. Add your work email.
  5. Accept the invitation.
  6. Repeat for work calendar.


Combining your work and personal Google calendars is a game-changer for managing your time effectively. By following the simple steps outlined, you can ensure you never miss an important event, whether it’s a key meeting or a family outing. This integration helps you maintain a balanced schedule and keeps all aspects of your life organized in one convenient place. For further reading, explore Google’s support pages or user forums for additional tips and tricks. Now that you’ve got the know-how, go ahead and take control of your schedule today!