Payment Not Completed in Apple Pay: iPhone & iPad Solutions

Facing the frustration of a failed Apple Pay transaction can be a real bummer, especially when you’re in a hurry. But, don’t fret! There are some simple fixes for both iPhone and iPad users that can get you back to seamless checkouts in no time. Just follow the easy steps laid out in this article, and you’ll be back in business before you can say, “Apple Pay all the way!”

After completing the actions detailed in this article, you should expect your Apple Pay to function smoothly, allowing you to complete your transactions without a hitch. Say goodbye to the annoying “Payment Not Completed” message!


Picture this: you’re at the checkout line, you’ve got your iPhone or iPad ready to make a payment with Apple Pay, and you get hit with the dreaded “Payment Not Completed” error. Frustrating, right? Well, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many Apple device users face. But don’t worry; it’s usually a straightforward fix.

Apple Pay has revolutionized the way we handle transactions, offering a quick and secure way to pay without fumbling for your wallet. It’s a vital tool for many iPhone and iPad users who appreciate the convenience it brings to their daily lives. However, technology isn’t foolproof, and when it fails, it can be a real inconvenience. That’s where we come in. As an authority on the topic, I’m here to guide you through troubleshooting and fixing any Apple Pay issues you may encounter, ensuring your transactions are as smooth as a new iPhone out of the box.

Payment Not Completed in Apple Pay: Fixes for iPhone & iPad

Before diving into the step-by-step tutorial, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve. We aim to troubleshoot common issues that might cause Apple Pay to fail during a transaction. By following these steps, we’ll ensure your device’s settings are optimized for a successful Apple Pay experience.

Step 1: Check your internet connection

Ensure your device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

A stable internet connection is crucial for Apple Pay to work correctly. If your device isn’t connected, or the signal is weak, transactions can fail.

Step 2: Restart your device

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve a whole host of issues.

Turning your device off and on again can refresh your system and potentially fix any minor glitches causing payment problems.

Step 3: Update your device

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

Outdated software can lead to compatibility issues with Apple Pay, so keeping your device updated is key.

Step 4: Check your card details

Ensure that the card you’re using with Apple Pay is valid and has not expired.

Your card information must be up-to-date within the Wallet app for transactions to go through successfully.

Step 5: Contact your bank or card issuer

If you’ve followed the above steps and still face issues, reach out to your bank to ensure there’s no problem with your account or card.

Sometimes the issue may be on the bank’s end, and they can provide specific guidance or fix the problem for you.


ConvenienceUsing Apple Pay is incredibly convenient as it eliminates the need for physical cards and cash.
SecurityApple Pay is known for its secure transactions, utilizing unique transaction codes and device-specific numbers to keep your information safe.
SpeedTransactions with Apple Pay are typically faster than traditional payment methods, saving you valuable time at checkout.


Technology DependenceRelying on Apple Pay means dependency on your device and digital connectivity, which can be problematic if there are technical issues.
Limited AcceptanceNot all retailers accept Apple Pay, which can be inconvenient if it’s your preferred method of payment.
Potential for GlitchesAs with any technology, there’s always the potential for glitches or errors, such as the “Payment Not Completed” issue.

Additional Information

When using Apple Pay, it’s important to remember that your experience might differ depending on several factors. For instance, the model of your iPhone or iPad, the retailer’s payment system, or even your current location can affect the functionality of Apple Pay.

If you’re traveling, make sure to check if Apple Pay is widely accepted in the area. Also, keep an eye on any international charges that might apply when using your card abroad. It’s always a good idea to have a backup payment method handy, just in case.

Remember, if you’ve tried all the steps and are still having issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple Support for assistance. They can provide further troubleshooting and ensure that your payment not completed in Apple Pay situation is resolved.


  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Update your device.
  4. Check your card details.
  5. Contact your bank or card issuer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Apple Pay without an internet connection?

While some transactions can be completed without a connection, having internet access ensures the best performance and success rate.

Is Apple Pay safe to use?

Absolutely! Apple Pay is designed with security in mind, using advanced encryption to protect your information.

What do I do if my card is declined in Apple Pay?

First, check to ensure your card details are correct and the card is not expired. If everything seems in order, contact your bank for further assistance.

How do I update my card details in Apple Pay?

Open the Wallet app, select your card, and tap on the “i” icon to update your card information.

Can I use Apple Pay on any iPhone or iPad model?

Apple Pay is available on iPhone 6 and later, and iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later. Check Apple’s official compatibility list for more details.


In conclusion, while the “Payment Not Completed” error in Apple Pay can be a source of frustration, it’s usually a fixable issue. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the problem and get back to enjoying the convenience of Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad.

Remember, technology isn’t perfect, but the solutions are often within reach. Whether it’s checking your internet connection or updating your device, these fixes are simple yet effective. If you’ve exhausted all options, don’t hesitate to contact your bank or Apple Support for further assistance. They are there to help ensure your transactions are as smooth and secure as possible.

Now, go forth and tap away, knowing that you’ve got the knowledge and skills to tackle any Apple Pay issue that comes your way!