How to Type Delta Symbol in Word: A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

Typing the delta symbol in Microsoft Word is simpler than it seems. You can use keyboard shortcuts, the Symbol menu, or even Unicode to insert it. With these methods, you can effortlessly add the delta symbol to your documents in no time.

How to Type Delta Symbol in Word

The following steps will show you different methods to type the delta symbol in Microsoft Word, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Step 1: Use the Keyboard Shortcut

Press Alt + 916 on the numeric keypad.

Make sure Num Lock is on. Hold the Alt key, and then type 916 on the numeric keypad to insert a capital delta symbol (Δ).

Step 2: Insert via the Symbol Menu

Go to the "Insert" tab, click on "Symbol," and then "More Symbols."

Navigate to the "Insert" tab in the Word ribbon. Click on "Symbol" at the far right, then "More Symbols." In the Symbol dialog box, find and select the delta symbol.

Step 3: Type Delta using Unicode

Type 0394 and then press Alt + X.

Type the Unicode for delta (0394) directly into your Word document. Press Alt + X to convert the code into the delta symbol.

Step 4: Use AutoCorrect

Set up AutoCorrect to replace a specific text with the delta symbol.

Go to "File," then "Options," and click on "Proofing." Choose "AutoCorrect Options…" and add a custom entry that replaces, for example, "delta" with the Δ symbol automatically.

Step 5: Copy and Paste

Copy the delta symbol from another source and paste it into your document.

Find a delta symbol on the internet or from another document, copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it (Ctrl + V) into your Word document.

After completing these steps, the delta symbol will appear in your Word document exactly where you placed your cursor.

Tips for Typing Delta Symbol in Word

  • Numeric Keypad: Ensure Num Lock is enabled before using Alt codes.
  • Symbol Menu: Explore other symbols you might need in the Symbol dialog box.
  • Unicode: Use Unicode for a variety of special characters.
  • AutoCorrect: Customize AutoCorrect for quicker insertion of frequently used symbols.
  • Copy and Paste: Use copy and paste for quick and easy symbol insertion from reliable sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these methods on a Mac?

Yes, but the steps are slightly different. Use Option + J for a delta symbol.

What if my keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad?

You can use the Symbol menu or copy and paste method instead.

Can I use these methods for other Greek symbols?

Yes, you can find and insert other Greek symbols using the Symbol menu or Unicode.

Why is my Alt code not working?

Make sure Num Lock is on and you’re using the numeric keypad, not the numbers above the letters.

Can I add the delta symbol to the Quick Access Toolbar?

Yes, you can customize your Quick Access Toolbar to include the Symbol command for easy access.


  1. Press Alt + 916
  2. Go to "Insert" > "Symbol" > "More Symbols"
  3. Type 0394 and press Alt + X
  4. Set up AutoCorrect
  5. Copy and paste


Typing the delta symbol in Word doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, the Symbol menu, Unicode, or even AutoCorrect, there’s a method that will suit your workflow. Each technique has its benefits, and you can choose the one that feels most intuitive to you.

If you often find yourself needing special symbols like delta, it’s worth exploring more about Word’s capabilities. Customize your AutoCorrect options or add symbols to your Quick Access Toolbar for an even smoother experience.

Now that you know how to type the delta symbol, why not try using this knowledge in your next project? Happy typing!