How to Give Degree Symbol in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Give Degree Symbol in Word

Adding a degree symbol in a Word document is quite simple and can be accomplished in a few different ways. Whether you need it for a temperature reading or an angle measurement, this guide will show you how.

How to Give Degree Symbol in Word

In this section, you’re going to learn how to insert that elusive degree symbol in your Word document. Follow these steps, and you’ll never have to struggle with it again.

Step 1: Place the Cursor

The first step is to move your cursor to the spot in your document where you want to insert the degree symbol.

Make sure your cursor is in the exact location where the symbol needs to appear, otherwise you’ll have to move it later.

Step 2: Use the Insert Tab

Next, click on the "Insert" tab at the top of your Word document.

The Insert tab contains a variety of options to add different elements to your document, including symbols.

Step 3: Select Symbols

Step 3 involves clicking on the "Symbols" option, usually found on the far right of the Insert tab.

When you click on Symbols, a drop-down menu will appear. From here, you can access more symbols by clicking on "More Symbols."

Step 4: Choose the Degree Symbol

In the dialog box that appears, scroll down or type "00B0" in the character code box to find the degree symbol.

Once you locate the degree symbol, click on it to highlight it, and then click the "Insert" button.

Step 5: Close the Symbols Dialog Box

After inserting the degree symbol, close the Symbols dialog box by clicking the "Close" button.

Your degree symbol should now be inserted into your Word document at the location of your cursor.

After following these steps, you should see the degree symbol exactly where you placed your cursor. It’s as easy as that!

Tips for How to Give Degree Symbol in Word

  • Keyboard Shortcut: You can use the keyboard shortcut "Alt + 0176" to insert the degree symbol.
  • Quick Access: Add the degree symbol to your quick access toolbar for even faster insertion next time.
  • Font Compatibility: Make sure your font supports the degree symbol to avoid any display issues.
  • Copy-Paste: If you find it elsewhere, you can simply copy and paste the degree symbol into your document.
  • AutoCorrect: Set up an AutoCorrect entry to automatically replace a specific text (e.g., "deg") with the degree symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the degree symbol on a keyboard?

Most keyboards don’t have a dedicated key for the degree symbol, but you can use the "Alt + 0176" shortcut to insert it.

Can I customize my shortcuts in Word?

Yes, you can customize shortcuts through the "Customize Ribbon" option found under "File" > "Options."

Does the degree symbol look different in various fonts?

Yes, the appearance of the degree symbol may vary slightly depending on the font you are using.

Can I use the same method in other Office applications?

Absolutely, the same steps generally apply to other Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint.

What if I can’t find the degree symbol in the Symbols dialog box?

You can manually type "00B0" in the character code box within the Symbols dialog box to find it quickly.


  1. Place the cursor.
  2. Use the Insert tab.
  3. Select Symbols.
  4. Choose the degree symbol.
  5. Close the Symbols dialog box.


Congratulations! You’ve now mastered how to give the degree symbol in Word. This small yet crucial skill can make your documents look more professional and accurate. With these simple steps, inserting the degree symbol should no longer be a hassle.

Whether you’re writing a scientific paper or preparing a simple weather report, knowing how to insert the degree symbol is a valuable trick. Remember to use the keyboard shortcut for quicker access and consider customizing your quick access toolbar for even more efficiency.

Feel free to explore other symbols and shortcuts in Word to enhance your documents further. Happy typing!